Synonyms for Clique:


crop, cluster, clutch, Focus Group, the in-crowd, elite. clique (noun)
ingroup, pack, camp, inner circle, coterie.
coterie (noun)
in-group, salon, network, organization.
crew (noun)
bevy, detail, tribe, pack, collection, assemblage, nest, clan, mob, club, platoon, fellowship, covey, retinue, coalition, drove, fraternity, league, crowd, company, crew, caucus, bunch, school, union, herd, troupe, outfit, gang, detachment, junta, army, brigade, society, sect, faction, hive, phalanx, set, cabal, fleet, regiment, cell, coterie, battalion, posse, wing, ring, flock, complement, colony, division, band, host, team, party, squad, circle, force, assembly, troop, body, staff, string, cadre, group, aggregation, litter.
group (noun)
ingroup, pack, camp, inner circle, coterie.
group of friends (noun)
coterie, outfit, gang, club, camp, clan, crowd, bunch, ring, pack, crew, circle, set, mob, posse, in-group, cabal, faction, organization, society.
school (noun)
social organization (noun)

Other synonyms:

in-group, the in-crowd, Focus Group. elite. cluster. clutch. crop. Other relevant words:
elite, inner circle, camp, in-group, ingroup, cluster, salon, crop, network, clutch, organization.

Usage examples for clique

  1. The governing committee of a literary, philosophical, or theological clique form the very worst advisers any man can have. – Rousseau Volumes I. and II. by John Morley
  2. " He and his little clique don't own the earth in fee simple. – The Grafters by Francis Lynde