Synonyms for Trimming:


embellishment, Garniture, beautiful, Garnishment, ornamentation. thrashing, beating, whipping, Dusting, massacre, win, defeat, overthrow, licking, drubbing, Vanquishment, rout. flogging, reward, attack, lashing, hiding. border (noun)
decoration, embellishment, frill, ornament, embroidery, garnish, edging.
clothing (noun)
camisole, tunic, chemise, trousers, overcoat, brassiere, dress, shawl, evening gown, afghan, cape, clothing, slacks, kimono, parka, dinner jacket, sarong, blue jeans, clothes, stockings, smock, wrapper, sweat shirt, boot, nightgown, garment, blouse, garb, shirt, hat, sweater, ensemble, topcoat, scarf, gown, beret, halter, corset, greatcoat, petticoat, habit, tuxedo, t-shirt, sports coat, slicker, trench coat, pajamas, turtle-neck, pinafore, pull over, fedora, costume, panties, pillbox, bowler, caftan, headdress, frock, poncho, homburg, blazer, raincoat, skirt, pyjamas, array, apparel, cloak, jacket, duds, stetson, crinoline, jersey, chapeau, sweat suit, mackintosh, bonnet, bathrobe, dressing gown, raiment, footgear, windbreaker, coat, kilt, attire, pants, suit, shoes, pea coat, fur, ulster, robe, fez, vestment, smoking jacket, housecoat, outfit, jumper, shorts, doublet, burnoose, wrap, sari, vesture, v neck.
defeat (noun)
massacre, flogging, rout, licking, beating, Vanquishment, drubbing, whipping, thrashing.
licking (noun)
ornament (noun)
decoration, gaudiness, button, badge, tinsel, Emblazonment, foofaraw, enrichment, gingerbread, garnish, ornament, frill, filling, flourish, emblem, embroidery, trim, gewgaw, finery, adornment.
ornamentation (noun)
adornment, trim, accessory, embellishment, edging.
shearing (noun)
shortening, Cropping, pruning, clipping.
trimming (noun)
passementerie, trim, clipping.
well-proportioned (noun)


beautifying (verb)
Decorating, Beautifying, Embellishing, Bedecking, dignifying, prettifying, Adorning, Gracing, Enriching.
cheapening (verb)
slashing, Cheapening, devaluing, belittling, devaluating, marking down, degrading, debasing.
diminishing (verb)
diminishing, reducing, minimizing, paring, decreasing, dwindling, shortening, nipping, Abbreviating, lightening, tapering, compressing, eroding, Curtailing, draining, shrinking, Weeding, contracting, Depleting, clipping, Culling, downgrading, Bobbing, decrementing, deflating, Compacting, Cropping, pruning, lessening, Concentrating, shearing, shaving, condensing, Truncating, Abridging.
ornamenting (verb)
Emblazoning, Festooning, Ornamenting, crowning, Garnishing, bedizening, Dandifying, gilding.
subtracting (verb)
Deducting, docking, Deleting, lowering, cutting, Subtracting, depreciating, Eliding, Discounting.

Other synonyms:

thrashing, Dusting, Garniture, Vanquishment, drubbing, Garnishment. lashing, flogging, licking, hiding, beating, whipping, embellishment, rout, ornamentation. massacre, defeat. overthrow. Other relevant words:
drubbing, overthrow, Vanquishment, rebuff, passementerie, thrashing, lashing, licking, edging, ornamentation, Garniture, flogging, embellishment, defeat, Dusting, Garnishment, massacre, whipping, hiding, accessory, rout, beating.

Usage examples for trimming

  1. " Mamma wants four yards of this trimming said Dimple, holding out her sample. – A Sweet Little Maid by Amy E. Blanchard
  2. Stick for trimming the wick. – The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, Volume I and Volume II by A.E. Nordenskieold