Synonyms for Pound:


bother, stifle, torment, hurt, suffer, ache, trouble, weight, measure. clobber, carat, acre, ct, bushel, are, pummel, drub, thresh, area, cubic, lambaste, cu, Centigram, BMI, smash, buffet, baste. wander, step, trek, repetition, amble, hike, saunter, walk, stray, stride, stroll, forge. carpet bomb, bomb out, bomb, counterattack, bayonet, carve up, pulse, palpitate, detonate, blitz. crown, cent, dollar, impress, Aud, instill, euro, dime, implant, inculcate, dinar, teach, drill, C, bit. clamp, meter maid, double yellow line, double-park, park, bay, motor park, off-street parking, meter. clot, jump, haemorrhage, lurch, hemorrhage, fur up, bleed, flutter. bump, smash into, collide, run over. menagerie, preserve, game preserve, moat, reservation, captivity, game reserve, nature reserve, petting zoo. blow (noun)
person (noun)
Ezra Pound, Ezra Loomis Pound.
pound (noun)
dog pound, poke, quid, Syrian Pound, punt, lumber, ram down, Cypriot Pound, ram, Ezra Loomis Pound, pound sterling, pounding, British Pound, Irish Pound, pound off, Sudanese Pound, hammering, thump, beat, hammer, Lebanese Pound, Ezra Pound, Egyptian Pound, impound, lb.
prison (noun)
cell, pen, Alcatraz, bastille, handcuff, gaol, jail, stronghold, San Quentin, pillory, fence, keep, shackle, jug, confine, coop, cooler, manacle, reformatory, collar, reform school, penitentiary, harness, dungeon, oubliette, tether, brig, pinion, stockade, irons, prison, jailhouse, penal colony, straight jacket, vise, bridle, lockup, cage.
quantity (noun)
Cypriot Pound, Lebanese Pound, Syrian Pound, Egyptian Pound, Sudanese Pound.


attack (verb)
scathe, slash, hammer, charge, batter, strike, harry, flay, fight, invade, attack, lash, trounce, riot, scorch, savage, assail, raid, thrust, scarify, storm, combat, violate, lunge, bombard, assault, barrage.
contact (verb)
thump, poke.
crush; beat rhythmically (verb)
buffet, pummel, drub, thump, clobber, strike, HIT, palpitate, batter, pulse, hammer.

Other synonyms:

menagerie, trouble, pummel, game preserve, suffer, game reserve, clobber, petting zoo. stifle, implant, drub, instill, bother, inculcate, palpitate, moat, lambaste, captivity. buffet, preserve, hurt. ache, forge, thresh, baste, reservation. drill, smash, impress. ezra loomis pound
Ezra Loomis Pound.
run over.
Other relevant words:
British Pound, carat, thresh, flutter, smash, Cypriot Pound, hammering, blitz, Ezra Loomis Pound, weight, lurch, ram, drub, hurt, beat, impound, Ezra Pound, forge, dog pound, stride, punt, stifle, Syrian Pound, suffer, lb, drill, lumber, quid, preserve, Sudanese Pound, measure, pummel, jump, Egyptian Pound, menagerie, pound sterling, poke, Irish Pound, lambaste, clobber, palpitate, pounding, Centigram, cent, instill, thump, captivity, inculcate, pulse, impress, reservation, pound off, crown, implant, baste, ram down, trouble, dollar, ache, Lebanese Pound, bump, buffet.

Usage examples for pound

  1. The dog must be sent to the pound at once. – Edgar Saltus: The Man by Marie Saltus
  2. And I should be glad to have change of this five- pound note. – The Hound of the Baskervilles by A. Conan Doyle
  3. He was obliged to pay a pound a day to obtain a room with a window looking on the square. – Catherine de' Medici by Honore de Balzac