Synonyms for Jumble:


amalgam, blend, combo, combination, concoction, hybrid, compound. flag day, fundraiser, benefit, disarray, fundraising, disrupt, funfair, bake sale, carnival, bazaar. riffle, change, shuffle. perplex, dizzy, addle, mystify, bewilder, puzzle, clear, feelings. clutter (noun)
mixture, confusion, study at confusion.
combination (noun)
hodgepodge (noun)
disarray, disorder, scramble, snarl, patchwork, shuffle, muddle, mixture, tumble, clutter, mess, confusion, hash.
jumble (noun)
hodgepodge, jumbal, throw together, mare's nest, smother, welter, scramble, patchwork, mix up, clutter, muddle, confuse, mingle.


derange (verb)
disorder, rummage, misplace, tumble, confuse, meddle, agitate, scramble, botch, dishevel, roil, ruffle, disorganize, roughen, muss, clutter, trouble, ripple, discompose, capsize, upset, churn, whip, swirl, toss, mix up, blur, mislay, tousle, derange, disarrange, convulse, dislocate, disturb, muddle, rumple, ferment, displace, hash, tamper, perturb, scatter, whisk, mess, confound.
mix up, confuse (verb)
rummage, dishevel, confound, disturb, derange, mess up, disarrange, disorganize.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

combo, concoction, combination, riffle, blend, mixture, amalgam, hybrid, addle. perplex, compound, disarray, bewilder, mystify, confusion. puzzle, disrupt, snafu. shuffle. dizzy. confuse
confound, ball up, mix up.
mare's nest.
ball up.
Other relevant words:
disarray, puzzle, combine, dizzy, mingle, welter, confusion, snafu, disrupt, combination, shuffle, intermingle, perplex, amalgam, jumbal, compound, throw together, bewilder, ball up, mystify, riffle, addle, patchwork, mixture, hybrid, snarl, blend, smother, merge, hodgepodge.

Usage examples for jumble

  1. And all this jumble is due, if we are to believe the remedy, to human misunderstanding. – H. G. Wells by J. D. Beresford
  2. Well, you know, Mr. Fair, when we South'enehs speak of a jamboree, a jamboree is any getherin' wherein the objec' o' the getherin' is the puppose fo' which they come togetheh, an' the joy and the jumble ah equal if not superiah to each otheh. – John March, Southerner by George W. Cable
  3. However, I cannot find among them what is worth twenty- five ducats, the whole being a jumble of rascally work. – The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti by John Addington Symonds