Synonyms for Lie with:


be intimate with someone, jump into bed with someone, spend the night with someone, consummate. exploit, grasp, leap at the chance/opportunity/offer, seize an opportunity/chance, take advantage of something, make capital out of something, gain, benefit, jump at, get. fall to, fall on, rest with, fall/rest on someone's shoulders, in someone's charge, come under, be down to someone, be incumbent on/upon someone to do something, the ball is in someone's court. lie with (noun)
bonk, sleep with, make love, have sex, get it on, know, do it, have it off, bed, eff, be intimate, have intercourse, bang, hump, have a go at it, make out, jazz, love, get laid, have it away.


copulate (verb)
do it, bed, have sex, make love, sleep with, make out.

Other synonyms:

rest with, fall to. come under, fall on, consummate. copulate
sleep with, have sex, do it.
Other relevant words:
rest with.