Synonyms for Depravity:


enormity, excess. flagitiousness, villainy, bestiality, clean. attribute (noun)
corruption, degeneracy.
badness (noun)
badness, malfeasance, inadvisability, disadvantage, detriment, unpleasantness, blackness, turpitude, evil, vice, wrongness, bane.
corruption, immorality (noun)
debasement, sinfulness, wickedness, degeneracy, evil, vice, perversion, baseness, criminality, debauchery.
crime (noun)
criminality, immorality.
deformity (noun)
depravity (noun)
turpitude, corruption, degeneracy.
lewdness (noun)
vice (noun)
debauchery, corruption, blameworthiness, feloniousness, evildoing, sadism, perverseness, impropriety, indecency, enormity, criminality, sinfulness, perversion, sinisterness, wickedness, debasement, sin, villainousness, degeneration, obnoxiousness, iniquitousness, reprehensibleness, Damnability, immorality.
vulgarity (noun)
profanity, baseness, crudeness, gaudiness, crassness, garishness, repulsiveness, outlandishness, rankness, indelicacy, tastelessness, vernacular, commonness, colloquialism, roughness, rudeness, brutishness, shamelessness, brazenness, grossness, inelegance, gracelessness, boorishness, Rawness, ignominy, tactlessness, offensiveness, saltiness, clumsiness, animality, barbarism, broadness, coarseness, sleaze, lowness, Earthiness, tawdriness, vulgarity.

Other synonyms:

bestiality, flagitiousness. villainy. excess. Other relevant words:
enormity, flagitiousness, excess, degeneracy, villainy, clean, bestiality.

Usage examples for depravity

  1. From these accounts some have been led to think, that the priests in these temples really fed upon the flesh of the persons sacrificed: and that these stories at bottom allude to a shocking depravity such, as one would hope, that human nature could not be brought to. – A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume II. (of VI.) by Jacob Bryant
  2. Whether or not the animal had, during her calfhood days, been injured by a woman is not known; possibly her behavior was due merely to innate depravity – Cy Whittaker's Place by Joseph C. Lincoln
  3. To that connection must be traced every misfortune and depravity that has attended you since. – Jane Talbot by Charles Brockden Brown