Synonyms for Abrupt:


all (adjective)
blunt (adjective)
short, matter of fact.
concise (adjective)
compact, incisive, short and sweet, to the point, brief, concise, brusque, short, terse, succinct, curt, blunt.
hasty (adjective)
rapid, darting, urgent, flying, galloping, pelting, speedy, dashing, running, fleet, hasty, hurried, brisk, swift, rushing, quick, fast, bustling, impatient, breathless, breakneck, feverish.
headlong (adjective)
impulsive (adjective)
improvised, rash, spontaneous, hasty, ill-considered, impulsive, impromptu, reflexive, unrehearsed, unpremeditated, instantaneous, extemporaneous.
severe (adjective)
authoritarian, rigid, uncompromising, keen, grim, fundamental, acerbic, oppressive, icy, censorious, sharp, acute, cutting, unbending, spare, critical, intolerant, demanding, dry, precise, caustic, lean, acrimonious, bleak, brisk, crisp, disciplined, spartan, stiff-necked, blunt, stern, exacting, chilly, inflexible, harsh, gruff, austere, prudish, basic, puritanical, astringent, piquant, ascetic, severe, draconian, brusque, cool, stringent, dour, imperial, short, relentless, strait-laced, hidebound, tart, curt, rigorous, strict, obdurate, raw, obstinate, meticulous, stark, correct, intense, frosty.
sharp (adjective)
sudden (adjective)
sudden, unexpected, quick, instantaneous, precipitous, hasty, immediate.
surprising (adjective)
very fast (adjective)


surprise. crusty, Short-spoken, attitude. abrupt (noun)
precipitous, sharp, sudden, steep, discourteous, staccato, disconnected.

Other synonyms:

shortly, Short-spoken, clipped. crusty. abrupt
sheer, unceremonious.

Usage examples for abrupt

  1. Scarcely were these words finished, when the general and his four followers found themselves surrounded by twenty Comanches, who conducted them back to the stream in rather an abrupt manner. – Monsieur Violet by Frederick Marryat
  2. Mrs. Scrimp rose and took an abrupt and indignant leave, her bill having been already settled. – Grandmother Elsie by Martha Finley
  3. " It is useless to wait," he finally said, coming to an abrupt halt. – The Lost Trail by Edward S. Ellis