Synonyms for Lash:


arouse, invoke, have, rouse, touch, ignite, affect, awaken, inspire, provoke. fix, pin, join, secure, trim, lay into, attach, hide, lick, reward. censure, tell off, tear apart, harangue, take/bring/hold someone to task, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, castigate. stun, beat up, bludgeon. brass knuckles, battering ram, cosh, blunt instrument, knobkierie, cudgel, boomerang, club, goad, bullwhip. burrow, gore, beach, bristle, frisk, claw, buck, cast, bite. catch, rise, pick up, howl, gust, get up, drop, freshen. bump, butt, hammer blow, bonk. crash, collide, smash into, ram, run over. lash (noun)
flog, strap, whiplash, trounce, welt, eyelash, whip, lather, cilium, slash, thong.
punishment device (noun)
gallows, jail, captivity, gas chamber, pillory, rope, rawhide, noose, cane, block, scaffold, ax, gibbet, birch rod, thong, iron, rod, thumbscrew, torture chamber, strap, maiden, prison, truncheon, switch, guillotine, solitary confinement, rack, stocks, bull whip, electric chair, stake, whipping post, whip, cowhide.


attack (verb)
bombard, thrust, slash, pound, savage, batter, invade, scarify, fight, barrage, violate, attack, flay, scathe, assail, charge, scorch, assault, lunge, trounce, storm, riot, strike, raid, combat, harry, hammer.
beat, whip (verb)
flay, lather, scourge, HIT, strap, hammer, strike, pound, flog, baste, batter, hide.
contact (verb)
criticize harshly (verb)
castigate, censure, tell off, attack.
fasten (verb)
chain, buckle, hitch, plait, braid, sew, splice, suture, weave, bind, paste, weld, knit, glue, string, link, fuse, bracket, connect, stay, clinch, knot, stitch, baste, lace, zip, tie, tether, fasten, cement, couple, hinge, tack.

Other synonyms:

freshen. roast, scourge, slap, gust. excoriate, slam, drub. lick. howl, trim. get up. pick up. rise. drop. dress down
tell off.
splice, tie.
rip into.
Other relevant words:
cudgel, stun, castigate, have, choroid, join, cornea, fix, scourge, hide, inspire, rise, lather, touch, bump, frisk, goad, rip into, beach, bullwhip, bonk, harangue, arouse, howl, trim, gust, collide, eyebrow, reward, invoke, roast, gore, provoke, crash, ram, burrow, buck, attach, claw, drop, cosh, whiplash, flog, rouse, drub, eyelash, lick, eye, cilium, slap, bludgeon, awaken, score, butt, knobkierie, boomerang, lay into, ignite, pin, bristle, excoriate, welt, slam, catch, eyeball, freshen, affect, tell off, conjunctiva, cast, bite, secure, censure, club.

Usage examples for lash

  1. The wind continued to lash the fierce billows during the day until evening; so we decided to remain in Tawas City until the dawn of the next morning. – By Water to the Columbian Exposition by Johanna S. Wisthaler
  2. I orto tie you up to a tree and lash you! – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  3. The limb that held us snapped, and the balloon sprang forward in mighty bounds that threw us off our feet and tossed the great drag rope about like a whip- lash – The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier by Edgar Beecher Bronson