Synonyms for Pay off:


compound, forgive, amortize, liquidation, default. bribe, adjustment, keep in with, cozy up, payment, result, conclusion, maneuver, flatter, cultivate, make up to, blackmail. fire, ease out, give someone notice, pink slip, lay off, dismiss, pension off, retire. come in useful, be of use, be worth someone's while, profit, something has something to recommend it, come in handy, go a long way toward doing something. pay off (noun)
compensate, pay back, buy off, redeem, pay, liquidate, fix, get, make up.
settlement (noun)
adjustment, conclusion, result, payment.


benefit (verb)
profit, pay.
bribe (verb)
buy off.
lay off (verb)
fire, dismiss.
possession (verb)
requite (verb)

Other synonyms:

payment, pink slip, ease out. profit, lay off. dismiss. fire. retire. revenge
pay back.
Other relevant words:
amortize, retire, lay off, bribe, be of use, profit.