Synonyms for Debris:


remains, landfill, e-waste. wreck, ruin, wrack, wreckage, leftover. debris (noun)
detritus, rubble, dust, junk.
litter, waste (noun)
trash, offal, dross, rubble, wreck, dregs, rubbish, remains, detritus, ruins, junk, garbage, wreckage, refuse.
odds and ends (noun)
remains (noun)
rubble, wreckage.
residue (noun)
grounds, chaff, dregs, slag, dross, afterimage, remnant, sediment, vestige, scum, remainder, leftovers, Filings, residue, afterglow, detritus, precipitate, sawdust, artifact.
residues (noun)
residues, detrita, chaffs, precipitates, vestiges, remnants, Artifacts, deposits, Afterimages, sediments, remainders.
rubble (noun)
trash, ruins, wreck, wreckage.
ruins (noun)
substance (noun)
detritus, rubble, dust, junk.
waste (noun)
rubbish, decay, leakage, slop, despoilment, garbage, junk, effluent, offal, Dejecta, waste, refuse.


remains (verb)
wreckage, ruins.

Other synonyms:

e-waste. landfill. ruin. wreck. rubbish
Other relevant words:
wreck, dust, ruin, wreckage, landfill, remains, rubble, leftover, trash, e-waste, ruins, wrack.

Usage examples for debris

  1. Breathing piles of debris barred every passage. – She Buildeth Her House by Will Comfort
  2. He searched about and followed the sound- it led him up higher to a ledge on the cliff above; and there in the dim twilight he made out the form of a human figure lying stretched on the debris which had fallen away with it apparently from the summit above. – Caught in a Trap by John C. Hutcheson
  3. Now it was worth just the value of its site- less the cost of clearing it of debris and the price of some tons of old iron. – Between the Lines by Boyd Cable