Synonyms for Heading:


acrostic, catch-all, chant, anglicism, archaism, anagram, Arabism, clue, borrowing, americanism. contents, attachment, words, box, foot, blank, coda, attention line, annex, amendment, annexe, headline. approach. article (noun)
artifact (noun)
gallery, drift.
bearing (noun)
aim, vector, location, direction, fix, course, position, orientation, inclination, bearing.
clause (noun)
direction (noun)
path, route, track, itinerary, trend.
engraving (noun)
head (noun)
heading (noun)
caption, aim, bearing, headline, legend, track, drift, head, route, header, gallery, direction, label.
headline (noun)
frontispiece, indication of contents, designation, preface, title, display line, subtitle, legend, superscription, preamble, topic, title page, Headnote, header, prologue, ticket, specification, overline, capital, inscription, label, imprint, caption, address, section head, headline, docket, subject.


head (verb)
headline, address.
heading (verb)
steering, fixing, Aiming, vectoring.
mastering (verb)
directing, Presiding, leading, commanding, ruling, Managing, mastering, governing.

Other synonyms:

title, imprint. inscription
Other relevant words:
annexe, preface, acrostic, head, inscription, anagram, superscription, words, title, subject, americanism, box, drift, contents, coda, prologue, frontispiece, imprint, foot, designation, Headnote, specification, subtitle, capital, chant, aim, blank, label, ticket, preamble, amendment, docket, annex, attachment, anglicism, header, caption, headline, gallery, address, legend, archaism, topic, clue, borrowing, catch-all, overline, Arabism, approach.

Usage examples for heading

  1. He was evidently heading for a side door or window. – Black Man's Burden by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  2. Then rain, and grey- black nothing out through the mid- day view ports, heading north. – Martyr by Alan Edward Nourse