Synonyms for Places:


locations (noun)
situations, emplacements, Loci, postings, scenes.
places (noun)
Stations, grounds, spots, sites, Habitats, Forums, stages, campuses, Floors, locations, Arenas, Circuses.
ranks (noun)
ranges, footings, Scales, steps, standings, statuses, terms, degrees.
regions (noun)
Duchies, districts, tracts, cantons, lots, domains, ridings, divisions, Counties, nations, sectors, Municipalities, bailiwicks, towns, Neighborhoods, dukedoms, Countries, empires, Areas, precincts, fields, Shires, states, regions, beats, quarters, zones, Territories, commonweals, Colonies, parcels, provinces, earldoms, kingdoms, realms, Cities, localities, boroughs, circuits.


attributes (verb)
blames, sets, attributes, imputes, accredits, credits, marks, connects, ascribes, casts, applies, assigns, refers, brands, acknowledges, cites, attaches.
installs (verb)
implants, Plants, locates, inserts, instates, initiates, ensconces, builds in, embeds, Grafts, puts, positions, roots, installs.
locates (verb)
finds, lays, discovers, unearths, pinpoints, posts, situates.
orders (verb)
plans, adjusts, arranges, supports, fixes, stabilizes, Schedules, Forms, establishes, sorts, collates, separates, sifts, schemes, frames, scores, integrates, shapes, schematizes, prepares, charts, normalizes, classifies, structures, ranks, plots, Rights, systematizes, devises, settles, arrays, pigeonholes, Programs, maintains, groups, grades, methodizes, unsnarls, controls, organizes, mediates, regulates, Classes, categorizes, designs, screens, composes, balances, rationalizes, Marshals, types, rates, orchestrates, stratifies, unifies, harmonizes, subordinates, orders.
ranks (verb)
ranks, grades, marks, Scales, positions.
situates (verb)

Usage examples for places

  1. There were no places where we could rest. – Among the Canadian Alps by Lawrence J. Burpee
  2. You've maybe seen places like that." – Sawtooth Ranch by B. M. Bower
  3. Meanwhile the twelve changed places one after another, each at last returning to his own seat. – Fairy Tales of the Slav Peasants and Herdsmen by Alexander Chodsko