Synonyms for Extending:


reaching (adjective)
approaching, continuous, stretching, perpetual, ranging, Spanning, continual, spreading, lengthening, going on, endless, continuing.
varying (adjective)


reaching (noun)
continuous, drawn out to, Spanning, running to, endless, perpetual, going on, ranging, continual, radiating.


continuing (verb)
persisting, Prolonging, Protracting, Maintaining, abiding, persevering, Sustaining, continuing.
expanding (verb)
swelling, Dilating, Distending, thickening, developing, stretching, Engorging, spreading.
extending (verb)
giving (verb)
contributing, serving, Attributing, Delivering, Doling, Pledging, Donating, Ascribing, sending, Devoting, sharing, Allowing, Providing, Bequeathing, Dispensing, Lavishing, helping, lending, expending, Assisting, paying, funding, Allotting, Furnishing, Disbursing, awarding, rationing, Showering, supplying, assigning, Consigning.
increasing (verb)
growing, Magnifying, incrementing, Accruing, widening, fattening, maximizing, Enlarging, increasing, augmenting, Amplifying, expanding, raising, upgrading, Adding, Multiplying, reinforcing, heightening, lengthening, Inflating, advancing, Boosting, Elevating, broadening, burgeoning.
lengthening (verb)
lengthening, stretching, expanding, Prolonging, Elongating.
offering (verb)
inviting, offering, issuing, Attempting, rendering, approaching, Tendering, giving, Endowing, Granting, dealing, Quoting, Bestowing, Submitting, Presenting, Citing, imparting, Biding.
varying (verb)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
ranging, radiating.

Usage examples for Extending

  1. " You know every thing now that you have to do," he said, extending his hand to her. – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official
  2. " He'll feel better now," he said to Rosemary as they walked slowly down the road, extending their walk to enjoy the beauty of the summer evening. – Rainbow Hill by Josephine Lawrence