Synonyms for Control:


interfere with, kill off, stamp out, shut off, cut into, squeeze out. governor, activate, button, flash, key, knob, crank, actuate, lever, regulator, eject, flick, coax, handle, energize, switch, dial, instrument, keyboard, remote control. look after, watch over, head, over. airfoil, cool, black box, avionics, aerofoil, collect, altimeter, aft, bay, aileron, simmer down, ballast, AWACS. confines, boundary, machine, range, limit. command key, control key, backspace, arrow key, delete key, character set, Alt key, CAPS LOCK, CTRL. inspection, survey, review, examination, scrutiny, search, due diligence, analysis. detect, detection, anatomize, double blind, Animal Rights, chromatography, biopiracy, empirical, dissect. oligopoly, greatness, monopoly. pen in, fetter, tie down, hamper, fence in, infringe. deal with, bottle up, repress. cure, keep down. curtailment, containment, freeze, marginalization, demarcation. authority (noun)
enfranchisement, mandate, cogency, entitlement, credential, empowerment, privilege, authority, license, force, birthright, stature, purview, puissance, clout, punch, faculty, steam, mightiness, primacy, powerfulness, potency, might, seniority, precedence, superiority, prestige, charge, office, Prepotency, mastery, prerogative, commission, kingship, sovereignty, title, strength.
calmness (noun)
ease, equanimity, calm, serenity, cool head, composure, self-possession, peace, equilibrium.
command (noun)
grip, hold, coordination, supremacy, will, grasp, reign, prowess, law.
command, mastery (noun)
clout, curb, check, ascendancy, authority, force, bridle, charge, government, might, management, containment, limitation, rule, oversight, supremacy, direction, domination, sway, discipline, restraint, restriction.
control (noun)
command, oversight, conn, see, controller, direction, ascendency, keep in line, check, ascendence, leadership, restraint, ascendancy, contain, management, government, hold in, see to it, mastery, moderate, dominance, manipulate, ascertain, ensure, insure, domination, verify, operate, assure, master, curb, administration (of an estate), helm, ascendance.
influence (noun)
motivation, pull, importance, predominance.
limit (noun)
power (noun)
vigor, competence, energy.
regulation (noun)
restraint (noun)
confinement, detention, constriction, blockage, Detainment, restriction, bondage, inhibition, impediment, hindrance, stricture, constraint.
sobriety (noun)
denial, abnegation, teetotalism, sobriety, soberness, temperance, restraint, abstinence, moderation, dryness.
supremacy (noun)
temperance (noun)
soberness, teetotalism.


command (verb)
contact (verb)
control (verb)
rule, execute, command, supervise, harness, direct, lead, oversee, steer, manage, superintend, pilot, bridle, govern, discipline, preside, dominate, administer.
curb, hold back (verb)
compose, adjust, restrain, repress, limit, simmer down, cool, collect, contain, constrain.
dominate (verb)
lord, better, vanquish, triumph, surmount, win, succeed, conquer, prevail, overcome.
have charge of (verb)
steer, head, direct, deal with, manage, dominate, manipulate, pilot, superintend, oversee, supervise, predominate, command, lead, govern, regulate, handle, administer.
influence (verb)
bias, master, influence, affect, sway, prejudice, authorize, predominate, power, motivate, pressure, empower.
order (verb)
establish, Methodize, structure, categorize, marshal, group, pigeonhole, plan, systematize, prepare, screen, normalize, organize, unify, stabilize, type, schematize, maintain, collate, right, cast, balance, program, form, array, place, unsnarl, frame, harmonize, rank, plot, stratify, settle, rate, devise, sift, scheme, subordinate, regulate, shape, set, classify, fix, compose, schedule, orchestrate, adjust, separate, class, chart, score, integrate, sort, support, grade, order, rationalize, arrange, design, mediate.
prohibit (verb)
curtail, disallow, curb, ban, bar, inhibit, block, constrain, oppress, prevent, preclude, deny, outlaw, restrain, prohibit, restrict, disapprove, forbid, suppress, disqualify, refuse, reject.
restrain (verb)
confine, bind, shackle, leash, impede, tether, hinder, collar, detain, constrict.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

command key, biopiracy, empirical, chromatography, activate, coax, limit, fence in, CTRL, flick, greatness, oligopoly, limitation, boundary, master switch, infringe, backspace, CAPS LOCK, double blind, arrow key, Animal Rights, control key, character set, Alt key, delete key, watch over, eject, pen in, repress, actuate. crank, detection, anatomize, demarcation, knob, energize, fast forward, containment, look after, detect, dissect, monopoly, fetter, tie down. hamper. switch, head, lever, keep down, console, key. flash, pause, cure, handle. range, cool, panel. collect. freeze. behave
ease, serenity, equanimity, composure, equilibrium, peace, cool head, calm.
simmer down.
tie down, keep down, keep in line.
watch over.
Other relevant words:
contain, controller, authority, moderate, regulator, check, manipulate, handle, governor.

Usage examples for control

  1. Uncle Stanley just managed to control himself. – Mary Minds Her Business by George Weston
  2. That also means a child can control them for a few seconds. – The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley