Synonyms for Department:


business, station, administration (of an estate), job, activity, duty, province, customer services, field, berth, acquisitions, spot, avocation, interest, back office, vocation, departmental, function, occupation, bureau, bailiwick, specialty, capacity, sphere, niche, assignment, dominion, incumbency, jurisdiction, divisional, office. board, costa, district, authority, commonwealth, staff, circuit, branch, unit, constituency, corps, the Cotton Belt, agency, commission, commune, canton, precinct, the Bible Belt, force, beat, the Corn Belt, range, arena, territory, quarter, colonia, area, cape cod, act, committee, ward, parish, tract. counter, cold store, organ, checkout, wing, menswear, fitting room, changing room, haberdashery, dressing room, arm, bargain-basement. orbit, world, terrain, circle, scene, subject, bag, domain, realm. area of interest, expertise (noun)
berth, assignment, spot, capacity, realm, incumbency, domain, niche, business, occupation, activity, bailiwick, dominion, jurisdiction, function, field, avocation, vocation, wing, province, specialty, duty, sphere.
department (noun)
geographical area (noun)
group (noun)
place of business (noun)
section of organization, area (noun)
board, parish, quarter, branch, office, precinct, tract, staff, ward, commune, station, commission, beat, canton, force, area, bureau, agency, arena, constituency, territory, range, circuit, unit.

Other synonyms:

bureau, back office, divisional, branch, ward, customer services, cold store, bargain-basement, departmental, checkout, bailiwick, acquisitions. domain, orbit, haberdashery, field, arena, menswear, changing room, administration (of an estate). bag, province, dressing room, terrain, office. agency. arm, organ, area. scene, territory. circle, counter. wing, world. domain
Other relevant words:
territory, activity, act, menswear, counter, force, bargain-basement, bureau, realm, job, duty, divisional, authority, field, precinct, business, tract, circuit, commune, bailiwick, board, arm, interest, jurisdiction, assignment, orbit, range, avocation, haberdashery, province, canton, specialty, commission, vocation, incumbency, dominion, section, capacity, commonwealth, organ, district, subject, committee, occupation, colonia, office, scene, area, unit, circle, staff, bag, corps, costa, terrain, world, checkout, station, berth, branch, niche, beat, sphere, ward, function, departmental, acquisitions, wing, arena, agency, domain, parish, spot, quarter, constituency.

Usage examples for department

  1. So curiously has the history of education been written, and, above all, of medical education, that to most people this would seem to be surely the department of education which would prove just the opposite. – Education: How Old The New by James J. Walsh
  2. To- morrow I have work for the department at home! – The Testing of Diana Mallory by Mrs. Humphry Ward