Synonyms for Upcoming:


expected (adjective)
happening soon (adjective)
forthcoming, future, imminent, approaching.


around the corner, at the earliest/first opportunity, in no time (at all), shortly, any day/moment etc. now, close, soon, in the short run/term, just. near, in, out, for sale, hit the town/street, etc., on offer, on the open market, on the market. upcoming (noun)
coming, forthcoming, future, approaching.


approaching (verb)

Other synonyms:

in. out. Other relevant words:
in, out, just, shortly, soon, approaching, near, close, imminent, around the corner.

Usage examples for upcoming

  1. We must be willing to work in a bipartisan way and look at new ideas, including the upcoming report of the Bipartisan Medicare Commission. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various