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happen - 188 results
Other synonyms:

expire, run across, slip by, materialize, go on, clear, pass off, befall, pass on, put across, detect, pass, go past, give-up the ghost, cash in one's chips, keep, go down, cook, egest, continue, overtake, regain, line up, appear, go by, obtain, make it, run, return, be, come up, carry on, recover, hap, get, come around, come across, communicate, recur, meet, do, kick the bucket, buy the farm, exit, come on, go through, go across, come, tumble on, fleet, elapse, devolve, sink, legislate, kick downstairs, die, hand, surpass, ascertain, adventure, lapse, run into, chance, rule, play, go, reach, occur, cook, lead, proceed, come out, fall, issue, pop off, pass along, drop dead, pass by, slip away, find out, demote, come to pass, result, dislodge, march on, find oneself, choke, retrieve, spring, betide, see, fade, extend, overstep, notice, move on, hazard, encounter, knock, take on, authorise, overhaul, break, turn out, bump, exceed, glide by, breathe, witness, discover, take place, do, materialise, come off, come down, travel by, turn up, take a chance, bump into, get hold, decease, pass away, gamble, occur, blow over, supervene, emit, feel, arrive, be, repeat, top, slide by, relegate, advance, meet up with, make pass, fall out, chance, snuff it, cook, come about, be, risk, turn over, do, take place, progress, authorize, find, bechance, come down, determine, spend, come down, observe, incur, excrete, run a risk, draw, perish, evanesce, receive, go down, unfold, conk, go down, guide, give, take chances, go along, eliminate, croak, transcend.

Examples of usage:

Anything happen to you? - "The Boy Scout Aviators", George Durston.

You wouldn't believe it, would you, but I know, and it didn't happen so long ago either. - "The Man Who Knew", Edgar Wallace.

But what will happen to him? - "A Diary Without Dates", Enid Bagnold.

Similar words:

happen upon, no matter what happens, Happened, happy, trigger-happy, happy chance, happy event, make happy, happy-go-lucky.

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