Synonyms for Play:


articulation, beat out, accompany, atmospherics, bang out, baton, blast, blast away, arrange, back. crank, theatrical, flash, energize, activate, eject, piece, flick, coax, performance, actuate, musical, show, engage. double for, court, try, overact, ad lib, COSTAR, understudy, try for, star. anecdote, detective, adaptation, black comedy, cock-and-bull story, comedy, disport, epic, allegory, classic. fool, putter, entertain, fidget, amuse, emcee, appear, conjure, extemporize, twiddle, debut, go on. fling, devilment, giggle, gaieties, gamble, lay. shoot, kick, action, impersonate, hook, substitute, knock, cross, play-act, performing arts, portray, dribble, enact, strike at, smash. imitate, send up, imitation, ape, mimic, masquerade, parody, pose as. ball, chip, render, dive, backhand, delivery, corner. catch, reflect, fade, bathe, flood, filter, focus, waver. captain, manipulate, bench, captaincy, control, draft, straight, draft in, call up, commissioner. malleability, sponginess, flexibility, participate, pliability, resilience, stretch, suppleness, go along, plasticity. childishness, act up, grow into, ride on someone's shoulders/back, misbehave, grow out of. action (noun)
working, movement, activity, action.
amusement (noun)
frivolity, tonic, celebration, hobby, jocularity, humor, game, merriment, whimsicality, entertainment, sport, stimulation, hilarity, amusement, pleasure, relaxation, fun, diversion, Divertissement, levity, distraction, Jolliness, recreation, refreshment, pastime.
amusement, entertainment (noun)
frolic, happiness, fun, pleasure, recreation, pastime, sportiveness, disport, gaming, diversion, gambol, romp, game, sport, relaxation, humor, caper.
application (noun)
freedom (noun)
fun (noun)
happiness, sportiveness.
latitude, range (noun)
give, action, movement, working, activity.
romp (noun)
sport (noun)
exhibition, tryout.
theater piece (noun)
drama, smash, entertainment, comedy, performance, musical, show, theatrical.


act; take the part of (verb)
impersonate, enact, portray, represent, perform, present.
compete in sport (verb)
participate, recreate, contest.
dramatize (verb)
present, act, choreograph, burlesque, mime, pantomime, improvise, dramatize, characterize.
gamble, risk (verb)
wager, manipulate, maneuver, bet.
have fun (verb)
toy, trifle, dally.
perform music (verb)
harmonize, sing, jam, gig, practice, perform, serenade, solo.

Other synonyms:

play-act, double for, plasticity, waver, backhand, overact, disport, imitation, twiddle, pose as, mimic, send up. fidget, contest, performance, gamble, chip, resilience, parody, understudy, dribble, participate, flexibility, knock, COSTAR, shoot, show, reflect. impersonate, grow out of, portray, masquerade, ape, inflict, ad lib, render, fade, star, bathe, smash, grow into, piece. kick, enact, manipulate, putter, impose. focus, cross, hook, visit, duel. blast, flood. enter, filter. ride, take up. lay. go on. catch. stretch. give. act
go on, play-act.
make believe.
Other relevant words:
disport, wager, gambol, action, working, drama, fool, flirt, dally, fiddle, act as, pretend, bet, enact, piece, caper, toy, trifle, render, gaming, gambling, play-act, gamble, show, romp, frolic, performance.

Usage examples for play

  1. " You see, I never had time to play or a good place to play in, even when I was a little girl. – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  2. The day would come when she would not play – The Belovéd Traitor by Frank L. Packard
  3. " So it's well for me I play he smiled. – In Her Own Right by John Reed Scott