Synonyms for Bench:


barrister, the bar, clerk, Attorney General, circuit judge, stall, settle, form, settee, advocate, bailiff, the bench, chief justice, attorney, bank. filibuster, ledge, the Commons, backbench, trestle, stand, the House, the House of Lords, Benches, shelf, the House of Commons, the Budget, agent, dispatch box. clay, crease, Astroturf, bowl, baseline, alley, the box, bleachers. mat, obstacle course, exercise bike, barbell, multigym, balance beam, beam, dumbbell, cross-trainer. chaise, parasol, lounger, chaise longue, brolly, beach chair, chaise lounge. chancery, witness stand, witness box, jury box, chambers, bullpen, the dock. dinner table, card table, dinette set, dinette, countertop, breakfast bar. captain, call up, draft in, commissioner, captaincy, draft. bench (noun)
judiciary, work bench, workbench, terrace.
chair (noun)
pew, chair, throne, rocker, dining chair, seat, armchair, bar stool, recliner, ottoman, saddle, lawn chair, deck chair, swivel chair, hassock, furniture, swing, campstool, sofa, straight chair, stool, bucket seat, rumble seat, sedan chair, lounge chair.
court (noun)
court, judicature, session, supreme court, board, court-martial, tribunal, circuit court, appellate court, court of law, bar.
furniture for sitting (noun)
seat, settee, settle, pew, chair, bank, stall, form.
group of judges (noun)
court, tribunal, the bar, judiciary.
judicial system (noun)
large table (noun)
desk, trestle, shelf, ledge, counter, board, workbench.
object (noun)
shelf (noun)
table (noun)
desk, nightstand, lamp stand, turntable, console, round, dresser, workbench, sideboard, tea table, captain's table, counter, dining table, table, buffet, coffee table, kitchen table.
workshop (noun)
sawmill, boatyard, plant, factory, workshop, clinic, laboratory, mill, shop.

Other synonyms:

captaincy, multigym, draft in, countertop, beach chair, lounger, exercise bike, cross-trainer, parasol, witness stand, dinette set, brolly, card table, witness box, balance beam, barbell, jury box. chancery, dinner table, dinette, commissioner, bullpen, mat, breakfast bar, chaise longue, dumbbell, obstacle course. beam. call up, captain. draft. stand. Other relevant words:
bowl, stall, bleachers, ledge, barbell, settee, captain, filibuster, parasol, terrace, agent, beam, mat, baseline, bailiff, cross-trainer, chancery, commissioner, multigym, form, trestle, judiciary, clay, crease, dinette, Benches, stand, backbench, shelf, alley, captaincy, attorney, dumbbell, chambers, chaise, bank, brolly, advocate, lounger, bullpen, draft, the bar, clerk, settle, countertop, barrister, work bench, Astroturf.

Usage examples for bench

  1. He approached; he set the pack down on the bench – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  2. In fact, for months after his marriage Admaston seemed to live for his Department and the Front Bench – A Butterfly on the Wheel by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull
  3. He looked from Powers' black face to the bench and then to me. – In the Bishop's Carriage by Miriam Michelson