Synonyms for Lectern:


staging, dais, soapbox, stage, platform. artifact (noun)
reading desk.
lectern (noun)
reading desk.
platform (noun)
stand, desk, pulpit, rostrum, podium.
pulpit (noun)
reading desk (noun)
rostrum, pulpit, stand, platform.
rostrum (noun)

Other synonyms:

podium, desk, soapbox, dais. pulpit. staging. stage. platform. platform
Other relevant words:
dais, pulpit, platform, staging, rostrum, soapbox, stage, podium, stand, desk, reading desk.

Usage examples for lectern

  1. The May sunshine had taken on the mellowness of summer, and it struck fire from the sacred vessels on the altar, and the brazen- winged eagle of the lectern – Explorers of the Dawn by Mazo de la Roche