Synonyms for Bar:


call for, rib, slab, acquit, citation, lever, bring in a verdict, rail, spar, pry, ingot, acquittal, boom, strip, annul, charge, stake, award. restaurant, nightclub, avatar, dive, grill, checkbox, tap, cell, canteen, honky-tonk, brewery, snack bar, blank, button, active window, box, inn, cafe, tavern, button bar, blip, cabaret. andante, bass clef, allegro, bar line, judiciary, ARR, con brio, con amore, clef, adagio. bistro, beer garden, hotel, the House, hurdle, club, alehouse, cocktail lounge. only, with the exception of, ribbon, Excluding, exclusive of something, Excepting, beyond, but, otherwise than. blacksmith, burnish, bank, bullion, ct, reef, crucible, shoal, chase, anvil. clamp down, decline, thing, bloom, not brook something. lounge lizard, beer mat, law, order, open bar, open mike, last orders, pull pints, last call, coaster. carryout, brasserie, cafeteria, chinese. bubble bath, bath oil, soap, foam, shower gel, bath salts, lather. problem, complication, inconvenience, predicament. silence, keep from, disturb. artifact (noun)
taproom, barroom, ginmill, saloon.
bar (noun)
taproom, prevention, block, legal profession, blockade, cake, debar, barroom, legal community, measure, exclude, barricade, ginmill, saloon, browning automatic rifle, banish, relegate, block off, block up.
barrier; blockage (noun)
clog, impediment, block, hurdle, stop, traverse, snag, wall, restraint, barricade.
barroom (noun)
beer garden, taproom.
block of metal (noun)
communication (noun)
court (noun)
board, judicature, supreme court, appellate court, circuit court, court-martial, tribunal, session, court of law, bench, court.
establishment serving alcohol (noun)
beer garden, cocktail lounge, saloon, alehouse, taproom, canteen, tap, inn, tavern, barroom, bistro.
exclusion (noun)
hotel (noun)
judicial system (noun)
legal system (noun)
law, legal profession, court, bench, tribunal, judiciary.
lever (noun)
prohibition (noun)
disapproval, injunction, restriction, preclusion, prohibition, blockade, denial, suppression, constraint, prevention, restraint, rejection, forbiddance, curtailment, inhibition, Disallowance, refusal.
restraint (noun)
rod; straight length of material (noun)
pole, lever, spar, ingot, stake, boom, rail, strip, rib, slab, shaft, stick.
saloon (noun)
sandbar (noun)
shaft (noun)
post, pole, stem, flagpole, stick, elevator shaft, rod, mine shaft, shaft, stalk, staff, tunnel.
table (noun)
dining table, coffee table, kitchen table, buffet, sideboard, table, tea table, workbench, console, round, dresser, desk, nightstand, captain's table, turntable, lamp stand.
tavern (noun)


communication (verb)
debar, exclude.
dissuade (verb)
restrain, inhibit, chill, dissuade, deflect, derail, deter, ban, disincline, divert, discourage, avert, dishearten, prevent, depress, admonish, intimidate, dampen, daunt.
exclude (verb)
boycott, exile, eradicate, expatriate, relegate, disbar, amputate, excommunicate, forbid, extradite, evict, banish, renounce, ignore, ostracize, repudiate, deport, remove, disqualify, prohibit, proscribe, oust, expel.
hinder (verb)
constrain, frustrate, crimp, baffle, drag, hinder, choke, delay, impede, thwart, hamstring, constipate, restrict, clog, complicate, paralyze, impair, snag, interrupt, encumber, bottleneck, mire, dam, catch, foul, cramp, handicap, burden, snarl, fetter, jam, plug, cripple, curb, stay, entrap, tangle, congest, entangle, stop, hamper, bung, detain, brake, obstruct, block.
judges (verb)
prohibit (verb)
control, exile, discourage, forbid, refuse, deny, ban, exclude, obstruct, hinder, eliminate, boycott, restrain, oppress, ostracize, suppress, debar, reject, disallow, preclude, prevent, outlaw, frustrate.
reject (verb)
deny, exclude, disapprove, abandon, eject, jettison, crop, disgorge, junk, vomit, exhaust, deep-six, shear, cull, curtail, secrete, jilt, shed, lop, eliminate, blackball, reject, disclaim, clip, excise, disallow, exude, chop, snip, evacuate, oppugn, seep, discard, discharge, spew, erupt, vent, cut, emit, trash, excrete, check, drain, blacklist, scrap, belch.
secure, usually with a length of material (verb)
dam, bolt, plug, secure, seal, fasten, blockade, jam.

Other synonyms:

Browning automatic rifle
browning automatic rifle.
beer garden, carryout, anvil, acquittal, bath salts, restaurant, cell, box, bar line, beer mat, checkbox, con brio, andante, bistro, active window, blockage, lather, annul, open mike, hotel, cabaret, last orders, button, burnish, alehouse, blacksmith, call for, clef, adagio, ingot, fasten, bath oil, acquit, snack bar, blip, clamp down, button bar, bass clef, lounge lizard, bullion, con amore, shower gel, avatar, rail, open bar, last call, cafeteria, brasserie, allegro. citation, blank, crucible, award, foam, lock out, rib, slab, bubble bath, dive, coaster, canteen, ARR, soap, seal, wall. honky-tonk, order, chinese, bank, silence, grill. club, ct, charge. disturb, hurdle. traverse. exclude
lock out.
taproom, tavern.
Other relevant words:
debar, impediment.

Usage examples for bar

  1. He turned his eyes from the bar keeper and lifted them helplessly to his. – First Fam'lies of the Sierras by Joaquin Miller
  2. It means we are out at sea, that we have crossed the bar – An Ocean Tramp by William McFee
  3. The heads had been set up on London bridge, or on Temple Bar or some other dreadful place. – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner