Synonyms for Buffet:


bogie, baggage car, berth, furniture, cable car, car, carriage, boxcar, cab, caboose. cabaret, bistro, brasserie, carryout, canteen, meal, smorgasbord, cafe, cafeteria, chinese. belabor, assail, lambaste, Barbie, beat, brunch, attack, barbecue, pound, assault, thrash, box lunch, breakfast, thresh, hammer, pummel, banquet, breakfast bar, BBQ, strike, smash, a bite, drub. crash, swat, ram, collide, slap, spank, clip, spat, punch, run over, whack, smack, smash into, bust, bump. discriminate, mistreat, be rough on someone, victimize, chop, smacker, use, oppress, prey on, trample, wrong, persecute. artifact (noun)
sideboard, counter.
buffet (noun)
buff, knock about, snack counter, sideboard, batter, snack bar, counter.
cupboard (noun)
chest, davenport, bureau, cupboard, chiffonnier, highboy, safe, escritoire, chest of drawers, kitchen cabinet, locker, drawer, closet, Lowboy, shelf, cabinet, commode.
meal set out on table for choosing (noun)
counter, shelf, snack bar, sideboard, cafeteria, smorgasbord, cupboard.
table (noun)
kitchen table, tea table, desk, counter, nightstand, turntable, coffee table, workbench, table, bench, bar, console, sideboard, captain's table, dresser, dining table, round, lamp stand.


hit repeatedly (verb)
bump, batter, beat, thrash, slap, spank, strike, pound, pummel, smack.

Other synonyms:

bogie, bump, baggage car, brunch, breakfast bar, cafe, smorgasbord, cable car, boxcar, box lunch, cafeteria, cab, brasserie, carryout, BBQ, bistro, breakfast. belabor, drub, assail, car, spank, lambaste, pummel, hutch, cabaret, smacker, pound, hammer, caboose, slap, punch, barbecue, canteen. carriage, chinese, meal, whack, beat. clip, spat, thrash, thresh, assault. smash, smack. bust. maul
knock about.
Other relevant words:
belabor, buff, batter, snack counter, bump, discriminate, brunch, brasserie, punch, lambaste, ram, cafeteria, mistreat, trample, collide, bogie, meal, spank, hammer, spat, BBQ, slap, cab, canteen, banquet, car, barbecue, thresh, oppress, strike, caboose, assault, smack, victimize, swat, smorgasbord, thrash, whack, bust, attack, Barbie, pound, drub, hutch, chinese, cafe, crash, snack bar, carryout, assail, wrong, cabaret, breakfast, chop, use, furniture, bistro, berth, smacker, persecute, clip, beat, knock about, carriage, smash, boxcar, pummel.

Usage examples for buffet

  1. As for what we might want to eat from the buffet for there were no dining cars in those days- the porter assured me he would " trust me" till we should get to New Orleans, and call upon me at my hotel to receive his pay. – Recollections of a Varied Life by George Cary Eggleston