Synonyms for Hall:


building, gatehouse, gateway, archway, salon, gatepost, rotunda, armory, ballroom, drawing room, town hall, assembly, chamber, casino, mart, lyceum, arch, access, lounge, exchange, waiting room, church, gate. catacombs, cornerstone, body, addition, balcony, ceiling, entry, bay, alcove, pass, brickwork, entrance, beading. manor, cinema, manor house, bowling alley, aquarium, estate, art-house, civic center, club, castle, bullring. coatroom, checkroom, cloakroom, clubhouse, bathroom, apartment, coat check. The, court, great. arena (noun)
ring, arena, hippodrome, circuit, beat, dominion, theater, region, ground, auditorium, province, enclosure, circus, campus, area, bailiwick, circle, amphitheater, colosseum, setting, gymnasium, field, realm, room, gallery, battlefield, turf, precinct, pen, locale, courtyard, domain, battle-ground, stage.
artifact (noun)
casino (noun)
clubhouse, rotunda.
corridor (noun)
room, entry, corridor, pass, lobby, foyer, gallery, vestibule, anteroom, hallway, colonnade, rotunda, passage, arcade, passageway, breezeway, entrance.
entrance (noun)
entrance hall (noun)
hall (noun)
student residence, residence hall, Granville Stanley Hall, dorm, Marguerite Radclyffe Hall, Charles Francis Hall, dormitory, anteroom, hallway, foyer, lobby, manor hall, entrance hall, Asaph Hall, Radclyffe Hall, G. Stanley Hall, Charles Martin Hall, antechamber, vestibule.
music hall (noun)
ballroom, hippodrome.
person (noun)
Granville Stanley Hall, Charles Martin Hall, G. Stanley Hall, Marguerite Radclyffe Hall, Charles Francis Hall, Asaph Hall, Radclyffe Hall.
room for large affairs (noun)
mart, auditorium, ballroom, chamber, lounge, gymnasium, theater, amphitheater, armory, lyceum, casino, church, salon, arena.
vestibule (noun)

Other synonyms:

gatehouse, chamber, gate, gatepost, archway, arch. gateway, entrance, The, court. access. great. charles francis hall
Charles Francis Hall.
charles martin hall
Charles Martin Hall.
dance hall
g. stanley hall
G. Stanley Hall.
marguerite radclyffe hall
Marguerite Radclyffe Hall.
waiting room.
Other relevant words:
Marguerite Radclyffe Hall, checkroom, aquarium, clubhouse, Granville Stanley Hall, foyer, ceiling, gate, entrance hall, gatepost, cornerstone, cloakroom, cinema, vestibule, club, dorm, arch, bullring, student residence, entrance, dormitory, assembly, antechamber, pass, great, estate, castle, addition, access, apartment, The, Asaph Hall, exchange, church, beading, lobby, chamber, bathroom, casino, Charles Francis Hall, coatroom, manor hall, G. Stanley Hall, mart, balcony, catacombs, anteroom, bay, residence hall, manor, building, brickwork, ballroom, entry, manor house, gateway, Radclyffe Hall, lyceum, gatehouse, rotunda, body, armory, court, archway, alcove, waiting room, Charles Martin Hall, lounge, salon.

Usage examples for hall

  1. " That's what the young gentleman from the hall say, when he was in here this afternoon. – Peccavi by E. W. Hornung
  2. Mr. Ransom opened it in the hall – The Chief Legatee by Anna Katharine Green