Synonyms for Canvas:


fabric (adjective)
chenille, damask, cheesecloth, dacron, chintz, fabric, acrilan, corduroy, jersey, foulard, madras, tarpaulin, denim, flannel, burlap, taffeta, duffel, nylon, percale, batik, moleskin, felt, fleece, satin, gabardine, muslin, broadcloth, alpaca, astrakhan, calico, paisley, matting, herringbone, gingham, sateen, serge, crinoline, velour, quilting, orlon, cotton, tweed, oilcloth, twill, lame, cashmere, baize, plaid, silk, linen, sacking sailcloth, velvet, challis, net, sharkskin, grenadine, Celanese, seersucker, bunting, chiffon, tulle, worsted, horsehair, longcloth, crepe, suede, wool, tricot, brocade, cambric, mohair, gossamer, rayon.


aquatint, bas relief, collage, drill, diptych, abstract, doodle, daub, duck, caricature, cloth, cartoon. cover, chalk, shade, ring, crepe paper, crayon, fly, easel, fixative, waterproof, enamel, airbrush, tent, brush, acrylic, awning. buckram, portrait, painting, barkcloth, oil, art, coir. artifact (noun)
canvas (noun)
canvas tent, poll, sail, sheet, canvass.
coarse material (noun)
duck, shade, fly, tarpaulin.
cover (noun)
covering (noun)
painting on coarse material (noun)
art, portrait, oil.
tent (noun)

Other synonyms:

caricature, bas relief, crayon, painting, daub, airbrush, diptych, cartoon, buckram, fixative, coir, cover, easel, barkcloth, crepe paper, doodle, chalk, collage, portrait. enamel, aquatint. brush, acrylic. ring. drill, abstract. shelter
Other relevant words:
canvass, fly, coir, easel, bas relief, duck, diptych, portrait, doodle, sail, collage, brush, painting, tent, fixative, oil, poll, acrylic, canvas tent, chalk, shade, barkcloth, airbrush, cloth, abstract, ring, cartoon, art, crayon, sheet.

Usage examples for canvas

  1. The face was looking out of the canvas and the gaze of this picture disturbed the serenity of Coningsby. – The World's Greatest Books, Vol III by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds.
  2. His little hand raised above his head seems to point to a star which could be seen through an opening in the canvas – The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani