Synonyms for Coterie:


commune, household, the Brady Bunch, Family, house. clique (noun)
cadre, circle, study at clique.
coterie (noun)
camp, ingroup, pack, inner circle, clique.
council (noun)
crew (noun)
caucus, battalion, band, gang, troop, mob, coalition, faction, litter, crew, set, company, fellowship, troupe, host, colony, detachment, detail, party, drove, outfit, fraternity, brigade, staff, herd, retinue, club, force, body, division, hive, posse, team, wing, pack, bunch, cadre, squad, sect, cabal, complement, league, clan, clique, phalanx, tribe, group, society, circle, collection, union, ring, crowd, flock, cell, fleet, covey, assemblage, army, junta, nest, assembly, bevy, string, aggregation, regiment, school, platoon.

Other synonyms:

the Brady Bunch, household. commune. Family. house. Other relevant words:
camp, ingroup, Family, inner circle, commune.

Usage examples for coterie

  1. A year ago the percentage would have been nearer one hundred, but now a certain small coterie of women had drifted in, most of them with a keen eye for prosperity. – The Killer by Stewart Edward White