Synonyms for Letter:


minuscule, circular, Dear John letter, enclosure, ligature, air letter, dead letter, billet doux, chain letter, capital, cap, cover letter. alphabetize, block capitals, block letters, alphabetical, billet, word, initial, memorandum, report. stripe, exactly, just as directed, precisely, ribbon, armband, perfectly, yellow ribbon, chevron, button, badge, insignia. carry off, walk off with, walk away with, award, crown, words, recapture, sweep, take. communication (noun)
correspondence (noun)
correspondence, postcard, epistle, reply, answer, post, line, note, dispatch, acknowledgment, message.
letter (noun)
alphabetic character, letter of the alphabet, consonant, monogram, vowel, cipher, abc, upper case, alphabet, literal, character, missive, varsity letter.
line (noun)
postcard, line.
symbol of an alphabet (noun)
cap, character, minuscule, alphabet, capital.
written communication (noun)
billet, report, line, missive, reply, epistle, acknowledgment, note, answer, memorandum, dispatch, message, postcard.
written symbol (noun)

Other synonyms:

armband, block letters, capital, yellow ribbon, alphabetize, block capitals, chevron, ribbon, badge, alphabetical, insignia. recapture, walk off with, walk away with, carry off, stripe. initial. button. sweep. crown, award. take. Other relevant words:
crown, memorandum, missive, chevron, alphabetical, letter of the alphabet, initial, take, ligature, recapture, word, circular, billet, exactly, enclosure, varsity letter, cap, precisely, badge, sweep, words, ribbon, capital, button, minuscule, perfectly, alphabetize, armband, alphabetic character, award, stripe, report, insignia.

Usage examples for letter

  1. " Think no more about the letter – The Star-Gazers by George Manville Fenn
  2. I have her last letter here. – The Rectory Children by Mrs Molesworth
  3. You got my letter sir? – The Limit by Ada Leverson