Synonyms for Circuit:


regional (adjective)
district, town, tract, colonial, commonwealth, area, realm, borough, zone, county, sector, territorial, city, national, riding, state, canton, quarter, divisional, precinct, provincial, shire, local, regional.


circuit breaker, diaphragm, contact, circuit board, conduit, coil. courtesy call, whistle-stop tour, periphery, call, ambit, conducted tour, open house, flying visit, visit, edge, look-in. geometry, gyre, start, inside track, orb, disk, course, wheel, straight, the home stretch, straightaway, inside lane, starting line. cruise, repetition, crossing, expedition, exploration, excursion, flight, drive, day trip, commute. circumvolution, whirl, rotation, circulation, revolution, gyration. route. conference, league, group, association. arena (noun)
campus, beat, circus, arena, pen, dominion, field, hippodrome, hall, bailiwick, gymnasium, enclosure, courtyard, region, ring, circle, province, stage, area, precinct, turf, colosseum, battlefield, amphitheater, ground, setting, theater, auditorium, locale, gallery, domain, realm, room, battle-ground.
artifact (noun)
electric circuit, electrical circuit.
circuit (noun)
electric circuit, tour, racing circuit, circle, lap, electrical circuit.
course (noun)
circumnavigation, path, winding, circumscription, hookup, revolution, line, periphery, circuitry, ambit, turning, circling, study at circumference, twist, detour, wind.
detour (noun)
electricity (noun)
resistor, electrostatic, wattage, capacitance, megahertz, negative, electricity, impedance, ac, transistor, direct current, network, triode, electronics, ic, tweeter, watt, charge, processor, amplifier, polarity, positive, frequency, capacitor, anode, electromagnetism, crt, video, speaker, conductor, spark, monitor, fm, receiver, induction, diode, cycle, memory, magnetism, radar, insulator, television, discharge, backplane, connection, microphone, computer, kilohertz, circuit card, shock, radio, current, cathode, alternating current, tube, voltage, motherboard, resistance, volt, transmitter, amperes, juice, ohm, electrode.
region (noun)
county, kingdom, colony, country, division, dukedom, city, shire, municipality, tract, empire, parcel, plot, territory, commonweal, nation, zone, riding, earldom, locality, state, borough, district, lot, town, neighborhood, quarter, canton, duchy, place, sector.
revolution (noun)
revolution, track, boundary (noun)
circumnavigation, ambit, gyre, cycle, circumscription, route, course, lap, winding, tour, wheel, gyration, circumference, circulation, turning, line, area, tract, district, circle, orbit, compass, region, whirl, circumvolution, periphery, wind, zone, circling.
roundabout (noun)
roundabout, hemisphere, compass, areola, annulus, orbit, circumference, circuitousness, halo, circularity, loop.

Other synonyms:

circuitry, crossing, day trip, courtesy call, flying visit, circumvolution, detour, gyration, conducted tour, revolution, whistle-stop tour, gyre, route, circuit breaker, starting line, inside lane, ambit, circuit board. straightaway, inside track, excursion, coil, circulation, rotation, disk, look-in, exploration, conduit, periphery. conference, expedition, commute, orb, open house. contact, league. visit, wheel. association, cruise. flight. course. start, straight. drive. line. call. Other relevant words:
commute, circulation, circuitry, conference, revolution, conduit, turning, orb, hookup, lap, circumvolution, racing circuit, cruise, excursion, circling, twist, path, electrical circuit, call, electric circuit, course, expedition, crossing, line, route, winding, flight, league, periphery, tour, edge, drive, whirl, wheel, circumnavigation, disk, start, gyre, wind, rotation, association, circumscription, gyration, detour, ambit.

Usage examples for circuit

  1. By statute, no fines could be taken of any man for fair pleading in the Circuit of Justiciars, county, hundred, or manor courts. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  2. The floor being wet he formed a circuit and up went his hands. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  3. He had always a partner in his professional life, and, when he went out upon the circuit this partner was usually at home. – Boys' and Girls' Biography of Abraham Lincoln by James H. Shaw