Synonyms for Card:


bus, accelerated graphics port, A drive, AGP, ADC, bridgeware, auxiliary device, back end, accelerator card, base hardware. character, usual, diamond, face card, deck, heart, original, oddity, club, deuce, oddball, house of cards, jack, ace. binder, correction fluid, carbon, carbon paper, blotting paper, clipboard, farceur, quipster, blotter, business card, zany, jokester, laughter, acetate. asset, incentive, good, edge, benefit, virtue, privilege, advantage, merit, trump card. Notelet, notecard, notepaper, picture postcard, letterhead, aerogram, announcement, greeting card. broomstick, fetish, elixir, crystal ball, charm, the cards, Arcana, amulet, horseshoe, the I Ching. scrutinize, study, monitor, review, inspect, check over, examine, go over. bleeper, cameraphone, 3G, 4G, cell, answering machine, beeper, button. cash dispenser, cashpoint, hole-in-the-wall, cash card, Chip and Pin, cash machine, machine. warrant, working papers, license, permit, licence, authorisation, authorization, building permit. call, dummy, dealer, deal, cards, hand, full house, bid, flush, grand slam. caller, judge, commentary box, book, linesman, officiate. crown, championship, bye, cup, challenge, the Commonwealth Games, contest, close season, clash. a figure of fun, be (always) good for a laugh, laughing stock, good-time Charlie. kraft, page, gift wrap, foolscap, ream, sandpaper. cut, chisel, chase, drill, chip away, flail, crimp, file, chop. someone's getting there, be onto a winner, be halfway there, someone should/will go far, be in/out of the running, you can't go wrong, have something in your pocket, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), have a fighting chance. calling card (noun)
visiting card.
card (noun)
placard, circuit board, batting order, identity card, menu, tease, calling card, notice, carte, wit, circuit card, poster, carte du jour, visiting card, lineup, wag, board, posting, bill of fare, scorecard.
circuit board (noun)
circuit card.
golf (noun)
bogey, bogie, backswing, birdie, bunker, caddy.
humorist (noun)
clown, scriptwriter, wit, Banterer, wag, actor, columnist, copywriter, author, writer, humorist, comic, essayist, joker, punster, jester, dramatist, comedian, cutup, gagman, word smith, prankster, buffoon, belletrist, playwright, funnyman.
paper (noun)
piece of paper, often with purposeful writing (noun)
billet, voucher, identification, label, check, pass, ticket, tally, cardboard, fiberboard, square, poster, sheet, badge.
ticket (noun)
billet, ticket, greeting, check, bristol board, label, index, pass, charge, tally, filing, recipe, calling, tag, cardboard, plaque, paper, insurance, address, square, playing, identification, fortune-telling cards, pinochle, voucher, badge, social security, fiberboard, credit, pasteboard, postcard, registration, atm, police, window card, check-cashing, bridge, bank, tarot cards, membership, business, slip, visiting, automated teller machine, sheet, show card, poker.
wit (noun)


contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

blotter, commentary box, answering machine, pasteboard, jack, notepaper, Chip and Pin, cash dispenser, jokester, trump card, cash card, diamond, good-time Charlie, quipster, blotting paper, business card, notecard, face card, ticket, the Commonwealth Games, hole-in-the-wall, beeper, working papers, club, kraft, deuce, carbon, clipboard, automated teller machine, atm, picture postcard, greeting card, aerogram, gift wrap, farceur, building permit, bleeper, postcard, cash machine, correction fluid, laughing stock, sandpaper, Notelet, cashpoint, foolscap, letterhead, carbon paper, cameraphone, oddball. warrant, bye, tag, officiate, acetate, cell, house of cards, caller, authorization, linesman, oddity, chip away, greeting, deck, close season, binder. chisel, button, ace, flail, announcement, permit, championship, heart, cardboard. zany, license. crimp, ream, chop, chase. machine. paper, slip, judge, challenge. file. page, cup. drill, clash. book. crown, character. pass. call. Other relevant words:
bill of fare, carte, scrutinize, calling card, officiate, bridge, bunker, letterhead, tally, crown, address, aerogram, club, identification, cup, atm, foolscap, Arcana, plaque, dummy, bus, deal, licence, menu, ADC, caddy, slip, batting order, visiting card, hole-in-the-wall, benefit, identity card, drill, kraft, business, AGP, button, heart, authorisation, charm, fetish, bid, circuit board, edge, square, file, ace, insurance, flush, playing, challenge, asset, posting, billet, cards, fiberboard, notice, crimp, study, label, license, chisel, oddball, bogey, amulet, tease, good, merit, business card, scorecard, caller, elixir, advantage, poster, zany, diamond, cut, ticket, cameraphone, chop, call, tag, registration, police, privilege, filing, recipe, pinochle, book, pasteboard, oddity, usual, deck, virtue, broomstick, blotter, warrant, charge, deuce, bank, character, index, 4G, pass, farceur, poker, 3G, acetate, sandpaper, paper, page, flail, backswing, hand, original, lineup, notepaper, judge, voucher, contest, carte du jour, check-cashing, dealer, horseshoe, jack, sheet, notecard, cell, check, badge, greeting, championship, carbon, ream, birdie, monitor, laughter, board, visiting, linesman, Notelet, postcard, circuit card, quipster, cardboard, calling, cashpoint, announcement, binder, review, clash, incentive, inspect, chase, bridgeware, machine, beeper, examine, bleeper, placard, permit, bye, membership, authorization, credit, bogie, jokester.

Usage examples for card

  1. Here is a card turned up. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë