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Other synonyms:

promise, forebode, think, clapper, halo, hoop, association, frame in, butt on, mark out, clown, ting-a-ling, sinker, beep, square, call off, barbecue, peculiarity, prognosticate, bumper car, procession, evade, smother, property, resound, clang, remember, rabble, spring, fade, reverberate, besiege, component, recall, purr, plangency, boom, murmur, coffee machine, clip, repeat, reverberance, trust, custard pie, broiler, crime syndicate, take a hop, panel, shout, ping, anchor ring, pulsate, aura, blast, skirt, bulge, send for, stripe, burner, go off, encircle, fudge, visit, prize ring, bell pull, shout out, bid, circlet, rise, frame, barbie, rout, peal, knell, yell, donut, bell, isthmus, speak to, gang, commission, bong, blender, jewelry, resile, fold, cross, cartel, monopoly, link, reflect, arm-wrestling, bring forward, answer, environ, deepen, sport, flash mobbing, semicircle, corner, chimes, palisade, hollo, call, march, quality, large number, bloc, fence in, confederacy, organization, dance band, lot, doughnut, wheel, address, basket, envelop, circumvent, coffee maker, bubble, crescent, ingroup, retrieve, syndicate, call up, basketball hoop, dodge, imprint, contain, camp, scream, formation, geometry, swell, flume, plurality, mobilize, collar, beleaguer, resonate, disk, jingle, tintinnabulation, amplify, ferris wheel, eye, squall, nature, make noise, work party, ornithologist, bantamweight, recollect, galère, row, abut, buzz, resonance, predict, ding, cameo, bangle, facet, telephone, network, aspect, conspiracy, ding-dong, busy, vibrancy, duck, clash, toll, mobilise, phone, anulus, nimbus, factor, colander, bird watching, call back, face pack, canvas, engrave, carousel, ringing, inner circle, jangle, straight, hem in, stria, ricochet, family, call in, mob, prize ring, bare-knuckle, tinkle, hum, Mafia, closed-chain, cone, name, ball, balloon, brooch, box, gyre, bout, feature, parry, support group, recoil, sonorousness, rumble, caterwaul, ornithology, gloriole, blind, dial, busy signal, high wire, roundel, count out, beater, boxer, foretell, caller, chain, glory, racket, hedge, costume jewelry, enclose, flash mob, wall, bowl, banding, round, clank, carve, klatch, striation, kettle, circle, draw, anticipate, boxing, cooker, chime, bounce, bang, streak, annulus, pack, rope, surround, police, coil, sidestep, big top, blare, sonority, cut off, roar, scale, mark, adjoin, combine, butt against, multitude, community, put off, choker, rally, noise, birding, engulf, twitcher, aureole, big wheel, grumble, ringer, fighting, coven, bracelet, wicket, dance orchestra, combination, anklet, cry, butt, elude, holler, clack, rebound, deafen, cirque, pool, echo, parade.

Examples of usage:

" Give me my ring. - "Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore", Fay-Cooper Cole.

The maid answered her ring. - "The Nest, The White Pagoda, The Suicide, A Forsaken Temple, Miss Jones and The Masterpiece", Anne Douglas Sedgwick.

Have you lost your ring? - "The Nameless Castle", Maurus Jókai.

Similar words:

seal ring, signet ring, snap ring, ring-binder, ring-shaped, ring-necked parakeet, ring-necked pheasant, ring-necked snake, ring-stalked fungus, skating rink.

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