Synonyms for Wall:


retainer, confines, paling, base, fort, bevel, partition, brim, bump, ditch, floodgate, apex, edge, bottom, stockade, levee, parapet, dam, back, bank, embankment. snag, impediment, curb, entanglement, limitation, drawback, restriction, stumbling block, apparatus, hurdle, innards, difficulty, obstruction, knot, organ, stop, check, entrails, guts, canal, organic, cavity, bar, hindrance, retardation, red tape, part, hitch, chamber. surface, lattice, bird bath, arbor, gnome, fountain, espalier, grotto, latticework, fount, flank. spurn, shun, avoid, include, brush off, get/be given the cold shoulder, keep your distance, blank, look through, stand up, thing, snub. wad, drift, pyramid, mountain, stack, pile, heap, mound. earthwork, dyke, barrage, dry-stone wall. baseboard, damp, clerestory, front, facing, dado, corner, firewall, frieze, gable. cliff (noun)
bluff, escarpment, boulder, rock, palisade, crag, cliff, precipice, reef, stone.
defense (noun)
defense, resistance, harbor, protection, counterattack, argument, guard, safeguard, shelter, countermeasure, armor, security, fortress, retort, barricade, shield, barrier, response, aversion, moat, reply, screen, answer, backfire, rebuttal, return, cover, buffer, support, stronghold.
fortification (noun)
obstruction, divider (noun)
stop, parapet, fence, surface, dam, embankment, barricade, bulwark, limitation, levee, block, palisade, screen, restriction, bank, partition, bar, rampart, curb, barrier, stockade, hindrance, impediment, hurdle, retainer.
wall (noun)
surround, palisade, bulwark, fence in, fence, rampart, paries.

Other synonyms:

wad, impediment, blockage, dam. snag, obstacle, clog, hindrance, drift, pyramid, partition. mound, obstruction, heap. stack, hurdle. bank. traverse, pile. block, bar. rampart
rampart, parapet.
Other relevant words:
surround, bulwark, paling, pile, stack, clog, pyramid, curb, dam, heap, hamper, obstruction, bank, paries, earthwork, traverse, restriction, avoid, impediment, gable, hindrance, bar, parapet, rampart, fence in, snag, mound, retainer, partition, stockade, block, blockage, drift, hurdle, surface, embankment, levee, limitation, stop, ditch, wad, fence, barrage, obstacle.

Usage examples for wall

  1. " The visitor," replied Sauci, " told us that he didn't like our wall paper. – Flash-lights from the Seven Seas by William L. Stidger Commentator: Bishop Francis J. McConnell
  2. Please keep my secret; it shall not trouble any one; and I turned my face to the wall – A Day Of Fate by E. P. Roe
  3. Wall I should remark. – The Boy Scouts Book of Stories by Various