Synonyms for Stamp:


blotting paper, blotter, carbon, correction fluid, binder, acetate, card, carbon paper, business card, clipboard. flag down, dig, press, hand-wringing, die, acknowledge, High five, punch, moon, flip off. component, nature, factor, move, aspect, facet. marks, stray, etch, stroll, walk, inscribe, trek, saunter, wander, stride, engrave, grave, fix, hike, amble. exterminate, eradicate, plot, extinguish, clear, extirpate, erase, abolish, remove, highlight, do away with, underscore, liquidate, wipe out, cross out, annihilate, check, put an end to, make an end of, rub out, underline, blot out, star, scribble, snuff out, obliterate, uproot. burble, buzz, babble, blow, crunch, cough, click, ding, grate. food stamp, docket, credit slip, gift certificate, coupon, bar code, ecolabel, discount card, courtesy card, food coupon. face value, box, postcode, PO Box, registered office, box-number, post-office box, RFD. cross-section, grouping. indent, indentation, footprint, track, dent. inject, impart, lend, invest with, imbue with, infuse, lace, endow with. mailbox, postage meter, franking machine, mailbag, postbox, postbag, postal, letterbox, mail drop. category (noun)
form, stripe, make, grain, kind, grade, genus, feather, breed, mold, denomination, step, level, Family, taxonomy, species, variety, style, phylum, strain, set, clan, people, classification, ilk, kingdom, line, race, genotype, stock, series, caste, degree, persuasion, rank, category.
character (noun)
ilk, sort, form, kind, breed, stripe, type.
communication (noun)
impression, symbol, seal (noun)
hallmark, emblem, imprint, print, cast, brand, mark, indentation, impress, mold.
indication (noun)
gesticulation, emblem, key, guidepost, crest, hint, figuration, badge, legend, icon, designation, pointer, indication, sign, denotation, banner, beacon, token, symbol, lighthouse, notation, signpost, marker, logo, logotype, insignia, semaphore.
specialty (noun)
flavor, mannerism, peculiarity, difference, cachet, way, forte, individuality, hallmark, property, particularity, specialty, trait, feature, idiosyncrasy, quirk, characteristic, figure, quality, Discriminant, specialization, definiteness, keynote.
stamp (noun)
mold, stump, seal, impression, stereotype, cast, postage, emboss, postage stamp, stomp, pigeonhole, pestle, boss.
stomp (noun)


categorize (verb)
categorize, assort, class, order, cast, pigeonhole, type, group, sort, arrange, classify.
imprint; press mark on (verb)
fix, grave, etch, inscribe, engrave.
indicate (verb)
gesticulate, indicate, symbolize, label, point, flag, beckon, shrug, brand, note, designate, denote, wave, betoken, ticket, cue, prompt, signal, alert, point out, motion, wink, nudge, notify, nod, guide, gesture, tag, mark.
motion (verb)
stomp, stump.
print (verb)
emboss, reproduce, imprint, print, copy, impress.
step on hard (verb)
stump, trample, stomp, Tromp.

Other synonyms:

engrave, Tromp, cross out. indentation, infuse, impart, indent, underscore, trample, scribble, endow with, invest with. inject, underline, lend, tread, dent, inscribe. footprint, grave, etch, plot. highlight. lace, star, fix. nature. check. track. trample
Other relevant words:
grave, etch, inscribe, stomp, engrave, die, punch, postage stamp, impression, seal.

Usage examples for stamp

  1. I recognize the address, though the English stamp has gone. – Prescott of Saskatchewan by Harold Bindloss
  2. And would that I could meet their gods with all their powers that I might break them, too, and stamp them into the rock under the feet of my servants! – The Metal Monster by A. Merritt
  3. " What nonsense," with a frown and little stamp of foot. – A Heart-Song of To-day by Annie Gregg Savigny