Synonyms for Witness:


anglican, christendom, baptist, beadle, benefice, calvinism, acolyte, Bible-thumper, benedictine, amish. appellant, the accused, challenge, complainant, expert witness, seer, aggrieved, the court, defendant, alibi. baptize, badge, mark, index, baptise, benediction, celebrate, amen, call down, manifestation, baptism, sign, catechism, stamp, token, evidence, show, indicator, indication, signification, note, anthem, symptom, the Book of Common Prayer. look at, Because, testifier, precisely, nay, as, explain, besides, inasmuch as, Since, deponent, law. ratify, countersign, sign on the dotted line, endorse, John Hancock, sign on, sign away, signature. sit, there is/are etc., lie, occupy, stand, belong, exist, set, concentrate. pick out, spot, make out, fall. evidence (noun)
notary (noun)
observer (noun)
signatory, testifier, deponent.
person (noun)
informant, witnesser.
person who observes an event (noun)
eyewitness, spectator, attestor, testifier, signatory, watcher, beholder, looker-on, viewer, observer, testimony, deponent, bystander, onlooker.
spectator (noun)
rubberneck, observer, passerby, voyeur, Gazer, viewer, spectator, bystander, beholder, sightseer, looker, watcher, looker-on, audience, onlooker, perceiver, eyewitness.
witness (noun)
find, watcher, informant, looker, spectator, viewer, attestator, witnesser, see, attestor.


evince (verb)
corroborate, testify, establish, prove, determine, document, depose, exhibit, authenticate, betoken, illustrate, connote, observe, attest, evince, manifest, confirm, substantiate, adduce, demonstrate, vouch, exemplify, declare, state, validate, avouch, support, indicate, certify.
observe (verb)
note, spot, behold, spy, spectate, sight see, gaze, perceive, watch, see, view, mark, look, sight.
perception (verb)
find, see.
see (verb)
peek, sight, see, regard, peer, discern, glimpse, glance, stare, spy, glare, inspect.
testify; authenticate (verb)
certify, indicate, confirm, corroborate, depose, endorse, attest, sign, countersign, betoken.

Other synonyms:

ratify, deponent, countersign, signatory, sign away, testifier, John Hancock. manifestation, token, indicator, signature, seer. index, evidence, endorse, sign, pick out, sign on, signification. badge, indication. note, spot. mark. fall. indicate
look at
look at.

Usage examples for witness

  1. Why should he bear witness against the young man? – The Thing in the Attic by James Benjamin Blish
  2. I call you to witness these things. – The Clouds by Aristophanes
  3. Here at last was the witness Mr. Swain had been seeking so long, come of his own free will. – Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009