Synonyms for Club:


deuce, deck, jack, ace, organization, card, house of cards, diamond, heart, face card. meetinghouse, headquarters, flash mob, center, flash mobbing, commission, Support Group, panel, room, police. baton, hammer, cane, bat, age group, busload, truncheon, mallet, blackjack, stick, crush, constellation, cudgel, array. cocktail lounge, beer garden, sorority, alehouse, the House, bar, hotel, congress, honky-tonk, dive. boy, center forward, all-American, backfield, ballplayer, blue, back, conference. amphitheater, auditorium, cinema, arena, aquarium, civic center, art-house, bullring, bowling alley. structure, front, special interest, setup, authority, bureau. stun, HIT, beat up, beat, punch, smack, batter, thump. brass knuckles, blunt instrument, battering ram, goad, bullwhip, cosh, knobkierie. dance floor, strip club, floor, disco, maypole, dance hall, strip joint. bat, stick (noun)
cosh, bludgeon, staff, baton, truncheon, blackjack, mallet, cudgel, mace, hammer.
casino (noun)
clubhouse, dance hall, honky-tonk.
club (noun)
cabaret, nightclub, gild, bludgeon, ball club, society, order, nightspot, clubhouse, nine, guild, golfclub, lodge, baseball club.
disco (noun)
discotheque (noun)
golf (noun)
backswing, bogie, caddy, bunker, birdie, bogey.
golfing tool (noun)
social organization (noun)
union, guild, clique, order, set, lodge, mob, outfit, bunch, gang, ring, society, faction, company, league, circle, crew.
weapon (noun)
bullet, ordnance, rapier, bazooka, mace, saber, machete, browning, bomber, blowpipe, gun, rifle, scimitar, luger, howitzer, ammunition, muzzle, peashooter, boomerang, lance, javelin, blunderbuss, artillery, dagger, cannon, spear, torpedo, broadsword, musket, weaponry, stiletto, repeater, shooter, shotgun, carbine, rocket, revolver, handgun, colt, knife, bayonet, mortar, claymore, Bilbo, shell, piece, arrow, firearm, bow and arrow, flamethrower, sidewinder, blowgun, machine gun, armament, winchester, weapon, missile, trigger, heater, sword, Remington, pistol, ax, cutlass, battery.


hit hard with object (verb)
batter, beat.

Other synonyms:

dance hall, arena, maypole, panel, all-American, aquarium, bullwhip, deck, amphitheater, strip club, diamond, deuce, cinema, jack, truncheon, face card, bat, hotel, bullring, bowling alley, police, center forward, dance floor, Support Group, strip joint, backfield, special interest, age group, art-house, civic center, flash mob, battering ram, alehouse, knobkierie, ballplayer, brass knuckles, beer garden. center, blunt instrument, cosh, house of cards, auditorium, crush, card, HIT, boy, setup, goad, dive, conference. ace, bureau, honky-tonk, blue, beat, organization, room, heart, commission. array, congress, structure. authority, bar. back, floor. front. bat
main office
hammer, mallet.
baton, cudgel.
Other relevant words:
crush, ace, art-house, truncheon, constellation, jack, caddy, bunker, bat, knobkierie, commission, order, floor, bureau, deck, nightspot, cosh, boy, backswing, heart, auditorium, dive, front, diamond, busload, beat, aquarium, panel, setup, baseball club, stun, array, headquarters, bludgeon, battering ram, authority, meetinghouse, center, congress, cudgel, bogey, disco, baton, hammer, bar, gild, bullring, batter, nine, organization, bogie, birdie, hotel, blackjack, smack, stick, goad, alehouse, structure, ballplayer, nightclub, deuce, blunt instrument, backfield, guild, thump, ball club, HIT, bullwhip, punch, arena, card, police, blue, lodge, cane, back, honky-tonk, golfclub, mallet, conference, room, clubhouse, cabaret, maypole, amphitheater, cinema, all-American, sorority.

Usage examples for club

  1. It appeared that he was dining out at some club had come up for this dinner, was only sleeping in the house, and would be gone first thing in the morning. – Peccavi by E. W. Hornung
  2. How many have you in your club – The Young Musician or, Fighting His Way by Horatio Alger
  3. I reckon that was the reason she jumped on me so hard at the club – The Sport of the Gods by Paul Laurence Dunbar