Synonyms for Circus:


festival, show, Coney Island, amusement park, sideshow, theme park, county fair, disneyland, kermis, bazaar, big top, fairground, entertainment, spectacle. anglo-saxon, classically, archaeological, archaic, basilica, archeological, classical, antiquity, ancient. maelstrom, disarray, rigamarole, mayhem, muddle, chaos, farce, tumult. cross, jaywalking, crossroads, crosswalk, grade crossing, filter, green light, crossing, cone. arena (noun)
battlefield, arena, hippodrome, theater, ground, battle-ground, courtyard, dominion, turf, province, room, field, domain, bailiwick, locale, gymnasium, enclosure, circle, setting, region, pen, amphitheater, beat, auditorium, precinct, circuit, realm, colosseum, gallery, ring, campus, area, hall, stage.
circus (noun)
genus circus, carnival.
circus tent (noun)
big top.
fair with entertainment (noun)
big top, hippodrome, festival, bazaar, show, spectacle, kermis.
place (noun)
location, forum, spot, place, site, floor, habitat, station.
roundabout (noun)
hemisphere, circumference, halo, compass, roundabout, circuitousness, circularity, orbit, loop, areola, annulus.

Other synonyms:

green light, maelstrom, crosswalk, amusement park, mayhem, theme park, jaywalking, disneyland, county fair, archaeological, Coney Island, grade crossing, fairground, rigamarole. crossing, archaic, chaos, basilica, farce, tumult, antiquity, disarray, crossroads, anglo-saxon, ancient. muddle, classically. cone, classical. filter. cross. Other relevant words:
bazaar, fairground, festival, show, archaic, green light, big top, genus circus, classically, spectacle, disneyland, carnival, antiquity, maelstrom, jaywalking, sideshow, chaos, kermis, classical, basilica, cross.

Usage examples for circus

  1. You'll never do for a circus you won't. – A Hero of Romance by Richard Marsh
  2. Two men, wearing the German costume, were walking down the broad street to the Circus – The Scarlet Banner by Felix Dahn
  3. He followed that woman to the Cape, and apparently travelled at the tail of that beastly circus to other parts of the world, in a most degrading position. – 'Twixt Land & Sea by Joseph Conrad