Synonyms for Latitude:


biome, freedom, the Antarctic, Asia-Pacific, extent, the Celtic fringe, scope, Atlantic Rim, australasia, range, climate, Central America, the Arctic, the Caribbean, independence. degree, autarky, autonomy, measure, emancipation, enfranchisement, release, free will. equatorial, margin, leeway, the Arctic Circle, the equator, meridian, restraint, the international date line, room, longitude, the Antarctic Circle, place, the date line, play, longitudinal, Elbowroom. freedom (noun)
liberty, laxity, Elbowroom.
freedom, room to move; scope (noun)
play, margin, laxity, independence, liberty, room, leeway, range, extent.
latitude (noun)
parallel, line of latitude, parallel of latitude.
mildness (noun)
geniality, forbearance, acceptance, benignity, evenness, liberalness, laxity, mildness, broad-mindedness, kindness, meekness, charity, libertarianism, quietness, moderation, amiability, benevolence, softness, insipidity, liberty, liberality, cordiality, peaceableness, clemency, permissiveness, tenderness, gentleness, open-mindedness, tolerance, easiness, lenience, moderateness.
place (noun)
room (noun)
room, Elbowroom.

Other synonyms:

longitude, climate, equatorial, the equator, the Antarctic Circle, the Arctic Circle, the international date line, the date line. freedom. margin, longitudinal, meridian. scope. room. space
Other relevant words:
longitude, parallel of latitude, longitudinal, equatorial, leeway, place, measure, Elbowroom, range, meridian, play, climate, line of latitude, margin, independence, extent, parallel, scope, room, freedom.

Usage examples for latitude

  1. May the gifts of fortune never cause us to steer out of our latitude – Routledge's Manual of Etiquette by George Routledge
  2. The latitude of a place, in other words, is found very easily by any observation which shows how high the North Star is; if you do not want to measure the North Star, you may take any star when it is just to north of you, and measure its height; wait twelve hours, and if you can find it, measure its height again. – The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories by Hale, Edward Everett