Synonyms for Charity:


generosity (adjective)


food bank, aid worker, aid agency, fundraiser, care, Jaycee, benefactor. community chest, collection box, charitable, foundation, fund, donate, community service, aid, cause. solicitude, mercy, donation, alms, warmth, welfare, support, handout, consideration, gift. give, contribution, subscription, benefaction, offering. grace, benignancy, kindheartedness, attitude, kind. leniency, lenity, forgiveness, mercifulness. accept, toleration, indulgence. amenity (noun)
benevolence (noun)
philanthropy, magnanimity, bountifulness, generosity, compassion, beneficence, neighborliness, altruism, humanitarianism, munificence, motherliness, unselfishness, good will.
charity (noun)
Polymonium Caeruleum Van-bruntiae, Greek Valerian, Polemonium Caeruleum, Polemonium Van-bruntiae, Jacob's Ladder, brotherly love.
forgiveness (noun)
generosity (noun)
hospitality, hospitableness, goodwill, bigness, Freeness, greatheartedness, largess, greatness, charitableness, graciousness.
generosity, gift (noun)
contribution, fund, beneficence, donation, philanthropy, benefaction, offering, alms.
gift (noun)
handout (noun)
kindliness (noun)
good will.
kindness (noun)
kindness, compassion (noun)
benevolence, indulgence, bountifulness, lenity, goodwill, grace, altruism, clemency, magnanimity, benignity, generosity, mercy.
lenity (noun)
mildness (noun)
benignity, peaceableness, mildness, liberality, geniality, evenness, liberalness, acceptance, lenience, open-mindedness, clemency, amiability, cordiality, libertarianism, insipidity, moderateness, meekness, permissiveness, tenderness, broad-mindedness, gentleness, kindness, softness, tolerance, moderation, quietness, easiness, latitude, benevolence, laxity, liberty, forbearance.
plant (noun)
Polemonium Caeruleum, Jacob's Ladder, Polymonium Caeruleum Van-bruntiae, Greek Valerian, Polemonium Van-bruntiae.

Other synonyms:

Greek valerian
Greek Valerian.
Jacob's ladder
Jacob's Ladder.
Polemonium caeruleum
Polemonium Caeruleum.
Polemonium van-bruntiae
Polemonium Van-bruntiae.
Polymonium caeruleum van-bruntiae
Polymonium Caeruleum Van-bruntiae.
lenity, benignancy, food bank, community chest, solicitude, mercifulness, charitable, gift, toleration, collection box, donate, forgiveness, aid agency, fundraiser, aid worker, Jaycee, mercy, benefactor, community service. donation, warmth, cause, kindheartedness, subscription, handout, fund, alms, benefaction. consideration, indulgence, foundation. contribution, care. offering. give. assistance
Other relevant words:
subscription, support, benefactor, care, accept, gift, donation, donate, give, charitable, aid, offering, alms, leniency, lenity, kind, mercy, forgiveness, Polymonium Caeruleum Van-bruntiae, indulgence, Polemonium Van-bruntiae, warmth, benefaction, consideration, brotherly love, Greek Valerian, Jaycee, kindheartedness, grace, Jacob's Ladder, Polemonium Caeruleum, benignancy, contribution, toleration, welfare, mercifulness, solicitude, foundation, fundraiser, handout, fund, cause, attitude.

Usage examples for charity

  1. Or perhaps you're still of Mr.- Mr. Wharton's opinion- you'll be expecting Charles and me to give up charity – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. Keep pity for others, she said wearily; keep your charity for some happier maid who may accept it, Carus. – The Reckoning by Robert W. Chambers