Synonyms for Witchcraft:


enchanted, the black arts, alchemy, halloween, ESP, curse, extrasensory perception, abracadabra. theurgy, witching, conjuration, Sortilege, supernatural, Thaumaturgy. alchemy (noun)
black magic (noun)
satanism, witchery, voodoo, diabolism, Diablerie.
cognition (noun)
sorcery (noun)
fortune telling, clairvoyance, diabolism, wizardry, necromancing, astrology, horoscopy, demonism, Divining, satanism, Occultism, magic, devilry, augury, black magic, sorcery, palmistry.
spell-casting, magic (noun)
necromancy, Occultism, divination, wizardry, witchery, Thaumaturgy, black magic, spell, bewitchment, witching, black art, enchantment, voodoo, sorcery, abracadabra.
witchcraft (noun)

Other synonyms:

Thaumaturgy, Sortilege, theurgy. conjuration. witching. wizardry
Other relevant words:
halloween, Sortilege, necromancy, conjuration, abracadabra, Diablerie, alchemy, ESP, curse, shamanism, enchantment, supernatural, Demonology, Thaumaturgy, voodoo, black magic, witchery, spell, bewitchment, WICCA, enchanted, witching, divination, theurgy, black art.

Usage examples for witchcraft

  1. As Zalu Zako was unable to get at the person of his rival the most logical method to his mind was by witchcraft – Witch-Doctors by Charles Beadle
  2. " The days of witchcraft are past. – Thelma by Marie Corelli