Synonyms for Amends:


quittance, offset, recompense, substitute, setoff, repayment, requital. act (noun)
amends (noun)
restitution, redress, reparation, indemnity, damages, indemnification.
atonement (noun)
penance, appeasement, redemption, Recompensation, satisfaction, reparation, retribution.
compensation (noun)
atonement, setoff, indemnity, quittance, indemnification.
paying back (noun)
payment (noun)
possession (noun)
damages, restitution, indemnity, redress, indemnification.
recompense (noun)
sweetener, Sweeteners.
restitution (noun)
refund, rectification, compensation, reimbursement, correction, restitution, redress, adjustment, remuneration, settlement, atonement, offsetting, remedy, Squaring.
restitutions (noun)
Remedies, redresses, restitutions, compensations, Remunerations, Adjustments, refunds, reimbursements, corrections, settlements.
reward (noun)
carrot, award, honorarium, enticement, tip, consideration, lure, gratuity, wage, inducement, reward, tribute, allowance, bounty, bonus, sweetener, incentive, stipend, wages, plum, allotment, prize, gift, sweepstakes, treat, grant, stimulation, payment, temptation.
rewards (noun)
Rewards, stipends, honoraria, Plums, allowances, payments, gratuities, Carrots, treats, enticements, Bonuses, considerations, Bounties, Sweeteners, temptations, inducements, allotments, tributes, lures, prizes, tips, awards, Incentives, Grants, gifts.


corrects (verb)
repairs, revises, fixes, corrects, rectifies, improves, Patches, adjusts, alters.

Other synonyms:

setoff, quittance, requital. repayment. offset. Other relevant words:
damages, repayment, substitute, recompense, offset, indemnity, requital, setoff, indemnification, quittance.

Usage examples for amends

  1. And I apologised to him, having no other amends to make." – The Short Cut by Jackson Gregory
  2. If you think you owe me any little amends let me do this, for my own satisfaction! – The Crime Doctor by Ernest William Hornung