Synonyms for Dreariness:


excite, dryness, lifelessness, colorlessness, sterility, sterileness, flavorlessness, stodginess, vapidity, flatness, jejuneness, vapidness, asepticism, weariness. asepticism (noun)
sterileness, weariness, sterility.
boredom (noun)
monotony, dullness, indifference, tedium, listlessness, boredom, apathy.
darkness (noun)
obscurity, blackness, dimness, shadow, darkness, Inkiness, cloudiness, duskiness.
dejection (noun)
dispiritedness, discouragement, anxiety, despair, ennui, despondency, dejection, mournfulness, dolorousness, sullenness, joylessness, plaintiveness, pensiveness, moodiness, melancholy, grimness, disheartenment, misery, anguish, sadness, woefulness, blues, downheartedness, depression, moroseness, wistfulness, contemplativeness, gloominess, glumness.
depression (noun)
dispiritedness, ennui, gloominess, downheartedness, misery, discouragement, dejection, woefulness, despondency.
drabness (noun)
stodginess, dinginess.
dreariness (noun)
depression, dryness, vapidness, lifelessness, sadness, flavorlessness, boringness, drabness, dullness, vapidity, melancholy, colorlessness, joylessness, jejuneness, flatness.
dullness (noun)
vapidity, drabness, sterileness, vapidness, jejuneness, asepticism, flatness, stodginess.
dumps (noun)
grayness (noun)
dull, drabness, Silveriness, dinginess, ashiness, Smokiness, grayness, dapple-grayness, iron-grayness, gray, somberness, leadenness, pearliness, mousiness.
monotony (noun)
tedium (noun)

Other synonyms:

lifelessness, stodginess, vapidity, sterileness, vapidness, flavorlessness, colorlessness, asepticism, flatness. jejuneness. weariness, dryness. sterility. Other relevant words:
colorlessness, stodginess, flavorlessness, excite, dryness, lifelessness, weariness, blackness, sterileness, vapidness, boringness, asepticism, vapidity, sterility, flatness, jejuneness.

Usage examples for dreariness

  1. After resting for a few moments and struggling against the dreariness that was spreading through his thought he roused and set forth for the Walden place. – A Son of the Hills by Harriet T. Comstock
  2. The horrible conditions were made still more unbearable by the fearful dreariness of life in the small American city. – Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman
  3. And even if we miss the sweet influence of love in our lives, is there any one who has not, in solitude and dreariness looked back upon the time when he was surrounded by love and opportunities of love, in childhood or in youth, with a bitter regret that he did not make more of it when it was so near to him, that he was so blind and selfish, that he was not a little more tender, a little more kind? – At Large by Arthur Christopher Benson