Synonyms for Grant:


let on, come clean. say yes, empower, vouchsafe, authorize, mandate, give/get the go-ahead, approve. scholarship, pocket money, confer, Rhodes Scholarship, fellowship, bursary. make over, convey, law, alienate, deed, sign over, alien. own, knowledge, affirm, fess up, avow, acknowledge. act (noun)
subsidisation, subsidization.
allowance, gift (noun)
bounty, bequest, allotment, concession, donation, scholarship, stipend, endowment, reward, dole, fellowship, gratuity, present, award, boon, benefaction, contribution, privilege.
conferment (noun)
gift (noun)
federal grant, boon, donation, bequest, matching grant, present, privilege, benefaction.
grant (noun)
Ulysses Simpson Grant, allow, concession, accord, subsidization, subsidisation, Ulysses S. Grant, Cary Grant, Duncan James Corrow Grant, yield, Ulysses Grant, cede, allot, Hiram Ulysses Grant, Duncan Grant, award, concede, assignment, president grant, deed over.
offer (noun)
present, endowment, invitation, submission, bid, issue, bestowal, deal, investiture, concession, offer, attempt, quotation, offering, gift, approach, overture, donation, advance, citation, tender.
person (noun)
Cary Grant, Duncan Grant, Duncan James Corrow Grant.
possession (noun)
reward (noun)
tip, gratuity, bonus, payment, lure, consideration, remuneration, compensation, incentive, amends, wage, treat, sweetener, enticement, reward, tribute, atonement, inducement, sweepstakes, bounty, temptation, plum, wages, prize, allowance, stipend, stimulation, allotment, carrot, honorarium.
supply (noun)
provision, delivery, dispensation, contribution, deployment, replenishment, board.


authorize, allow (verb)
transfer, concede, give, avow, yield, confer, acknowledge, assign, cede, own, convey, bestow, allot, donate, vouchsafe, accord, impart.
give (verb)
send, lavish, consign, furnish, dispense, help, dole, supply, assist, lend, disburse, deliver, attribute, serve, ascribe, fund, bequeath, devote, allow, shower, assign, award, ration, allot, pledge, provide, expend, donate, pay, contribute, share.
offer (verb)
render, impart, cite, extend, give, bestow, quote, endow, invite, submit.
possession (verb)
allow, give.
reward (verb)
sweeten, honor, remunerate, entice, induce, tempt, compensate.
supply (verb)
reload, deploy, reinforce, clothe, feed, replenish, cater.
transfer (verb)
sell, transfer, exchange, hand over, change hands.

Other synonyms:

President Grant
president grant.
fess up, Rhodes Scholarship, bursary, pocket money, empower, vouchsafe, let on, authorize, scholarship. approve, avow. alienate, own. confer, fellowship. mandate. convey. empower
vouchsafe, say yes.

Usage examples for grant

  1. And didn't General Grant send Colonel Badeau to London, after his life was taken by that young man? – Phemie Frost's Experiences by Ann S. Stephens
  2. Will you not grant you have forgotten yourself? – The Love Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft to Gilbert Imlay by Mary Wollstonecraft Roger Ingpen
  3. God grant that your courtesie may ever live. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown