Synonyms for Rich:


abundant, well-supplied (adjective)
expensive, fruitful, lush, swanky, fancy, swank, ample, productive, posh, superb, snazzy, ritzy, stylish, lavish, copious, fertile, splendid, palatial, full, deluxe, elaborate, elegant, plentiful, grand, plenteous, precious, valuable, chic, costly, gorgeous, extravagant, high-class, sumptuous, smart, resplendent, priceless, magnificent, classy, luxurious, swell, embellished, ornate.
all (adjective)
bright (adjective)
colorful (adjective)
garish, brilliant, colored, hued, painted, inky, florid, tinted, full-colored, shaded, dyed, chromatic, rainbow-like, lurid, vivid, High-colored, bright-hued, stained, intense, gaudy, spectral, colorful.
elegant (adjective)
posh, ritzy.
expensive (adjective)
uneconomical, high-priced, priceless, invaluable, inflated, overboard, exorbitant, overpriced, premium, dear, extravagant, unreasonable, Oversold, pricey, expensive, outrageous, costly.
flavorful (adjective)
oily, sweet, delicious, full-bodied, succulent, satisfying, luscious, heavy, savory.
full in color or sound (adjective)
eloquent, sonorous, deep, mellow, bright, vibrant, mellifluous, intense, vivid, strong.
generous (adjective)
having a lot of money (adjective)
easy, well-heeled, fat, bloated, flush, prosperous, loaded, opulent, wealthy, moneyed, plush, well-off, comfortable, affluent, well-to-do, gilded.
ornately spoken or written (adjective)
embellished, highfalutin, fancy, showy, eloquent, flamboyant, voluble, grandiloquent, rhetorical, inflated, baroque, lofty, ornate, gilded, bloated, bombastic, splashy, high-sounding, rococo, elaborate, opulent, ponderous, flowery, florid.
plush (adjective)
prosperous (adjective)
moneyed, well-situated, luxurious, affluent, well-to-do, well-off, wealthy, plentiful, opulent, prosperous, thriving.
resonant (adjective)
successful (adjective)
very funny (adjective)
diverting, preposterous, droll, amusing, entertaining, ludicrous, foolish, humorous, odd, hilarious, incongruous, ridiculous, comical, absurd, strange, farcical.
wealthy (adjective)
profitable, affluent, prosperity, wealthy, fortunate, prosperous, opulent.
well-heeled (adjective)


dowager, the glitterati, billionaire, the jet set, the haves, mellow, millionaire, brat pack, burgher, loud, brahmin, sonorous, harmonious. chewy, vibrant, buttery, bright, crispy, calorific, cool, chilled, caramelized, cream, strong, crisp. gilt-edged, irreplaceable, Prized, like gold dust, antique, treasured. fertility, desertification, compost, feed, palatial, fertilization, fertiliser, fertilise, fertilize. horsepower, Two-cycle, drive, engine, turbine, liter, foul, flooded, throttle. colors. sidesplitting, hilarious, laughter. fertile (noun)
breeding, prodigal, unfruitful, yielding, bearing, sterile.
interesting (noun)
fascinating, newsworthy, exciting, intriguing, alive, spellbinding, interesting, gripping, thought-provoking, original.
laughable (noun)
diverting, preposterous, droll, amusing, entertaining, ludicrous, foolish, humorous, odd, funny, incongruous, ridiculous, comical, absurd, strange, farcical.
rich (noun)
full, combustible, ample, well-off, robust, lush, plush, deep, plentiful, lucullan, productive, fruitful, tasteful, lavish, flush, loaded, valuable, gilded, affluent, easy, deluxe, colourful, colorful, abundant, comfortable, luxurious, copious, fertile, well-heeled, sumptuous, well-fixed, opulent, wealthy, plushy, plenteous, well-to-do, fancy, full-bodied, moneyed, comfortably off, well-situated, fat, in funds, princely, in the lap of luxury, prosperous.


producing (verb)

Other synonyms:

treasured, lilting, sweet, mellifluous, Two-cycle, oily, funny, savory, sonorous, elegant, irreplaceable, tuneful, turbine, Prized, horsepower, melodious, delicious. fertilize, musical, gilt-edged, engine. throttle, alive, precious. heavy, mellow. foul. drive. rich
comfortably off.
grand, sumptuous.

Usage examples for rich

  1. Oh, I think it would be most delightful to be rich – Renée Mauperin by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
  2. I might have been a rich man, if I had taken with me what I might only have picked up and broken off. – Henry of Ofterdingen: A Romance. by Friedrich von Hardenberg
  3. And why is one rich and the other poor? – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole