Synonyms for Provoking:


aggravating (adjective)
galling (adjective)
vexatious (adjective)
irritating, plaguy.
vexing (adjective)
agitative, disturbing, tormenting, annoying, vexatious.


nettlesome, pain, plaguy, troublesome, bothersome, Irksome, vexatious, galling. provoking (noun)
provocative, agitating, agitative.
vexing (noun)


causing (verb)
acting, Generating, Engendering, Producing, inspiring, Enforcing, giving rise to, executing, bringing about, Eliciting, Evoking, making, causing, Originating, engineering, inducing, motivating, Effecting, driving, Forcing.
displeasing (verb)
disturbing, shocking, offending, disgusting, jarring, Aggrieving, disappointing, displeasing, Scandalizing, annoying, Angering, irritating, grating, Bothering, Riling, repelling.
motivating (verb)
launching, urging, Fomenting, Punching, fermenting, pitching, goading, hurtling, encouraging, poking, prompting, knocking, Instigating, thrusting, Flinging, Ramming, jogging, Lobbing, slinging, moving, energizing, stimulating, jostling, pushing, striking, triggering, heaving, firing, propelling, Nudging, enticing, Shoving, hurling, hastening, Bumping, jerking, impelling, jolting, catapulting, Throwing, shooting, Magnetizing, prodding.

Other synonyms:

nettlesome. bothersome, plaguy, Irksome, galling, vexatious. troublesome. Other relevant words:
agitating, provocative, tormenting, galling, bothersome, agitative, Irksome, vexatious, nettlesome, plaguy, troublesome, pain.

Usage examples for provoking

  1. He had been punished many a time before, and taken it with the most provoking good humour. – Tip Lewis and His Lamp by Pansy
  2. It is so provoking and him such a valuable animal. – Roughing it in the Bush by Susanna Moodie
  3. There followed a vivid description, done into mirth- provoking humor, of the somewhat strenuous events of the next twenty or thirty seconds. – The Portal of Dreams by Charles Neville Buck