Synonyms for Creative:


all (adjective)
artistic (adjective)
expert, artistic, poetic, masterful, gifted, graceful, accomplished, skillful, beautiful, sublime, tasteful, elegant, talented, aesthetic, proficient.
artistic, imaginative (adjective)
innovative, prolific, ingenious, inventive, productive, gifted, visionary, originative, formative, innovatory, original, fertile.
beautiful (adjective)
creative (adjective)
visionary, original, resourceful, constructive, innovative, inventive, productive, ingenious, imaginative, prolific, fertile, conceptive.
original (adjective)
initial, unique, ingenious, innovative, prototypical, genuine, generative, original, first, originative, novel, authentic.
productive (adjective)
fertile, executive, bountiful, constructive, teeming, lush, pregnant, fecund, profitable, fruitful, prolific, parturient, productive.


deputy, auxiliary, blue-collar, designate, casual, emeritus, acting, budding. copywriter, advertiser, Madison Avenue, adman, creative director, ability, innovatory, front man, audience, marketer, Billposter. pioneer, creator, engineer, progenitor, originator, creative commons, author, inventor. creativity, breakthrough, design, Frankenstein's Monster, contrive, discovery, coin, development, devise. creative (noun)
constructive, notional, inventive, yeasty, fictive, originative, fanciful, imaginative, ingenious, generative.
inventive (noun)

Other synonyms:

creativity, advertiser, Frankenstein's Monster, emeritus, designate, devise, acting, Billposter, blue-collar, innovatory, Madison Avenue, copywriter, creative director, adman, marketer. breakthrough, auxiliary, coin, deputy, front man. audience, contrive, casual. discovery. design. development. generative
Other relevant words:
creativity, marketer, pioneer, author, discovery, creator, audience, development, designate, ability, deputy, originative, fanciful, coin, formative, breakthrough, devise, fictive, casual, acting, budding, notional, advertiser, emeritus, innovatory, auxiliary, engineer, contrive, Billposter, design, progenitor, copywriter, originator, generative, yeasty, adman, inventor.

Usage examples for creative

  1. The trouble was that Fanny Brandeis, the creative was not being fed. – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber
  2. To sum up: great creative literature does not deal with things painful or otherwise merely because they are facts of life. – Personality in Literature by Rolfe Arnold Scott-James