Synonyms for Bizarre:


absurd (adjective)
idiotic, implausible, inconsistent, crazy, meaningless, irrational, foolish, absurd, paradoxical, nonsensical, illogical, incongruous, anachronistic, contradictory, outlandish, senseless, farcical, invalid, eccentric, preposterous, fallacious, inane, ridiculous, self-contradictory, silly, impossible, ludicrous.
all (adjective)
flaky, freakish, outre, freaky, eccentric, outlandish.
curious (adjective)
different (adjective)
nonconforming (adjective)
improper, oddity, exceptional, untypical, curious, abnormal, freakish, eccentric, aberrant, extraordinary, anomalous, mismatch, incompatible, fey, novel, unusual, incongruous, unconventional, irregular, divergent, idiosyncratic, out of the ordinary, different, uncustomary, odd, funny, quirky, erratic, oddball, uncommon, un-ordinary, strange, unique, singular, atypical, unfamiliar, peculiar, outlandish, misfit, deviant, inconsistent, crazy, nonconforming, crosspatch, off, deranged.
ridiculous (adjective)
laughable, ridiculous, incredible, comical, preposterous, farcical, ludicrous, curious, oddball, outrageous, absurd, eccentric, poppycock, dubious, silly, grotesque, nonsensical, outlandish, weird, crazy, foolish.
strange, wild (adjective)
oddball, ridiculous, grotesque, singular, comical, unusual, curious, outlandish, ludicrous, outre, eccentric, freakish, extraordinary, odd, peculiar, weird, kooky.
unaccustomed (adjective)


edgy, surreal. far-fetched, antic, true, fantastical. bizarre (noun)
flaky, eccentric, freaky, outlandish, outre, unconventional, freakish.
odd (noun)
study at fantastic.

Other synonyms:

kooky, far-fetched. rum. cranky, unnatural. fantastical. Other relevant words:
flaky, outre, screwball, freaky, surreal, rummy, far-fetched, cranky, antic, kooky, fantastical, rum, unnatural.

Usage examples for bizarre

  1. Nothing, indeed, could less suggest the blithe nature- life which Greek imagination embodied in the Faun, than the bizarre and restless aspect of the Squire. – Elizabeth's Campaign by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  2. One of the consequences of the furious pace was that people's health broke down very quickly; and there were all sorts of bizarre ways of restoring it. – The Metropolis by Upton Sinclair