Synonyms for Errant:


deviating (adjective)
itinerant (adjective)
wrong; deviant (adjective)
Roaming, erring, wandering, roving, shifting, straying, rambling, aberrant, fallible.


back, Against, backward, up, down, outside, about, around, away, onward. immoral, deviant, unethical, perverted, evil, roving, gross, wicked, wandering, sordid, sinful, amoral, Roaming, move. errant (noun)
fallible, erring, error-prone.
itinerant (noun)
shifting, wandering, straying, rambling.

Other synonyms:

Roaming. roving. wandering. deviant
Other relevant words:
away, roving, about, backward, wandering, deviant, aberrant, immoral, evil, around, shifting, wicked, erring, Roaming, back, Against, straying, rambling, sinful, amoral, outside, perverted, unethical, sordid, down, move, gross, onward, up.

Usage examples for errant

  1. The visitor hesitated, apparently outside my door; and a change, as sudden as lightning out of a cloud, transformed my errant fancies. – The Quest of the Sacred Slipper by Sax Rohmer