Synonyms for Enthusiast:


booster, champion. love, praise, like. concern. religion, Sectary, belief. admirer (noun)
fancier, lover.
enthusiast (noun)
connoisseur, supporter, fiend, addict, nut, partisan, buff, freak, patron, partizan, aficionado, fancier, zealot, devotee, fan.
person (noun)
partisan, partizan.
person active in interest (noun)
devotee, admirer, bug, votary, lover, supporter, maniac, partisan, zealot, freak, buff, follower, fan, nut, aficionado, fanatic, worshiper, addict, believer.
zealot (noun)

Other synonyms:

votary, Sectary, admirer. hound, lover, evangelist, maniac. bug, follower. man. drug addict
Other relevant words:
fanatic, crank, booster, worshiper, bug, Sectary, follower, admirer, man, believer, lover, junkie, partisan, partizan, collector, maniac, evangelist, votary, champion, hound.

Usage examples for enthusiast

  1. To Burton's delight it was his old friend Da Cunha, the Camoens enthusiast and then ensued a long argument, conducted in Portuguese, concerning Burton's rendering of one of Camoens' sonnets, Burton in the end convincing his friend of its correctness. – The Life of Sir Richard Burton by Thomas Wright
  2. He is an enthusiast you know, and he put the request as a personal favour to himself. – The Vanishing Man by R. Austin Freeman