Synonyms for Crank:


all (adjective)
cranky, tender, tippy.


bend, stunt, elbow, tomfoolery, lever, antics, bracket, buffoonery, shenanigans, aberration, frivolity, brainstorm, arm. character, fanatic, eject, flash, engage, flick, coax, eccentric, zealot, activate, energize, control, actuate. misanthrope, bearing, button, carriage, cam, belt, chamber, camshaft, ancillary, complainer, bucket, ball bearing. diva, bellyacher, wet blanket, Murmurer, hothead, faultfinder, crab, shrew, mutterer, perfectionist, whiner, GRINCH, purist, grumbler, critic, sourpuss, happy, Griper, Grouser, Sorehead, scourge, growler, stickler. loony, dingbat, loon, oddball, nutjob, space cadet, madwoman, weirdie, wise, cuckoo, ding-a-ling, oddity, headcase, weirdo. a device for revolving a shaft (noun)
arm, handle, lever.
an ill-natured person (noun)
complainer, grouch, misanthrope.
a person with an obsession (noun)
eccentric, crackpot, fanatic, zealot, character.
artifact (noun)
crank (noun)
crackpot, crosspatch, crank up, nutcase, grouch, zigzag, nut, churl, unstable, grump, tippy, fruitcake, tender, nut case, starter, screwball, cranky.
eccentric person (noun)
handle (noun)
trigger, doorknob, knocker, shank, lug, handle, spindle, pull, brace, stock, knob, brake.
lunatic (noun)
lunatic, madman, crazy, crackpot, fiend, psychotic, psychopath, neurotic, kook, nut, maniac.
person (noun)
crosspatch, grouch, grump, churl.


motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

Grouser, antics, brainstorm, Sorehead, flick, grumbler, weirdie, frivolity, coax, eject, whiner, dingbat, weirdo, shenanigans, loon, cuckoo, Griper, tomfoolery, mutterer, complainer, growler, stunt, bellyacher, ding-a-ling. aberration, energize, engage, control, Murmurer, faultfinder, sourpuss. loony, crab. character. flash. partisan
Other relevant words:
bucket, loon, dingbat, belt, diva, chamber, brainstorm, complainer, tender, tomfoolery, lever, happy, flick, whiner, crab, shrew, bearing, Grouser, bracket, nutcase, nut case, bellyacher, control, oddball, grump, growler, zealot, weirdo, carriage, character, camshaft, mutterer, flash, coax, purist, frivolity, unstable, button, churl, ancillary, arm, activate, aberration, stunt, Sorehead, grumbler, cam, grouch, headcase, screwball, antics, buffoonery, elbow, tippy, cuckoo, fanatic, Murmurer, fruitcake, zigzag, loony, bend, nutjob, weirdie, faultfinder, madwoman, perfectionist, misanthrope, stickler, hothead, crank up, crosspatch, actuate, energize, Griper, engage, wise, cranky, shenanigans, scourge, GRINCH, eccentric, critic, sourpuss, oddity, eject, ding-a-ling, starter.

Usage examples for crank

  1. 12. Engine crank and fly- wheel. – The Boy Volunteers with the French Airmen by Kenneth Ward
  2. Then a crank of a doctor frightened Mamma to death by telling her I should always lie on my back or side, and for years I have been nailed like a mast to a ship on that couch. – Blue Robin, the Girl Pioneer by Rena I. Halsey
  3. And its skipper, seedy, broken with the years, always too gentle for the world about him, even at his best, ever ready to stop work to read a book, Amos Adams, who had been a crank for a third of a century, remained a crank when much that he preached in earlier years was accepted by the multitude. – In the Heart of a Fool by William Allen White