Synonyms for Freakish:


abnormal, unusual (adjective)
erratic, aberrant, capricious, strange, outlandish, odd, outre, grotesque, unconventional, freaky, bizarre, fantastic, weird, monstrous, crazy.
capricious (adjective)
mercurial, flaky, temperamental.
deformed (adjective)
contorted, asymmetrical, bent, misshapen, flawed, distorted, lopsided, deformed, perverse, crooked, awry, corrupt, irregular, disfigured, cockeyed.
different (adjective)
nonconforming (adjective)
divergent, incongruous, deranged, incompatible, off, peculiar, fey, exceptional, aberrant, abnormal, deviant, improper, funny, idiosyncratic, novel, singular, unconventional, outlandish, oddity, bizarre, nonconforming, oddball, unusual, irregular, untypical, unfamiliar, quirky, anomalous, erratic, out of the ordinary, unique, crosspatch, extraordinary, strange, curious, misfit, odd, atypical, eccentric, different, mismatch, uncommon, uncustomary, inconsistent, crazy, un-ordinary.


notable, surprising, exotic, special, offbeat, remarkable. grotesque, monstrous. fantastical, change, continue, unsteady, uncertain, ticklish, unstable, mercurial, variable, inconstant, changeable, fickle, volatile, temperamental, fantastic. freakish (noun)
freaky, unpredictable, flaky, outre, capricious, eccentric, bizarre, abnormal, outlandish, unconventional.

Other synonyms:

kooky, fantastic, unnatural. mercurial, rum. fantastical, weird, cranky, variable, inconstant, temperamental. fickle, ticklish, grotesque, volatile, changeable, monstrous, quaint. unstable, unsteady. uncertain. Other relevant words:
unsteady, fantastical, kooky, ticklish, monstrous, unpredictable, offbeat, freaky, weird, quaint, fickle, inconstant, remarkable, special, rum, rummy, notable, temperamental, continue, change, variable, capricious, exotic, changeable, grotesque, fantastic, unstable, screwball, volatile, surprising, unnatural, uncertain, flaky, outre, cranky, mercurial.

Usage examples for freakish

  1. The freakish inroads of the sea on the North Carolina coast are scarcely subjects for exaggeration, because they themselves outdo fancy. – True and Other Stories by George Parsons Lathrop