Synonyms for Prodigious:


extraordinary, fabulous (adjective)
impressive, marvelous, astonishing, miraculous, phenomenal, amazing, exceptional, wonderful, astounding.
huge, enormous (adjective)
tremendous, big, mammoth, colossal, large, jumbo, vast, monumental, immense, mighty, giant, monstrous, massive, fantastic, gigantic, stupendous, herculean, towering.
large (adjective)
elephantine, bulky, grandiose, majestic, spacious, mammoth, expansive, capacious, impressive, grand, huge, gargantuan, cavernous, comprehensive, generous, sizable, humongous, soaring, vast, towering, colossal, giant, big, roomy, immense, awesome, massive, copious, princely, gigantic, magnificent, tremendous, enormous, baggy, ample, extensive, voluminous, great, large, lofty.


enviable, monstrous, awe-inspiring, noteworthy, praiseworthy, admirable, distinguished, respected, commendable. Bunyanesque, behemoth, titanic, cyclopean, mountainous, monumental, mastodonic, Gigantesque, monster, whopping, heroic, Brobdingnagian, walloping, herculean, jumbo, Massy, mighty, Pythonic. fabulous, wondrous, fantastical, marvelous, good, amazing, astonishing, fantastic, miraculous, wonderful, astounding, unbelievable, phenomenal, incredible. prodigious (noun)
surpassing, exceeding, extraordinary, portentous, large, big, colossal, stupendous, significant, olympian, important, exceptional.

Other synonyms:

monstrous, Brobdingnagian, cyclopean, Gigantesque, Bunyanesque, astounding, walloping, Massy, mastodonic, Pythonic. astonishing, marvelous, mountainous, wondrous, titanic, amazing, monumental, whopping. herculean, heroic, phenomenal, fabulous, wonderful. incredible, mighty, miraculous, fantastical, unbelievable. fantastic, monster. Other relevant words:
fantastical, monstrous, marvelous, behemoth, extraordinary, herculean, awe-inspiring, cyclopean, exceeding, important, Bunyanesque, portentous, monster, wonderful, Gigantesque, Brobdingnagian, whopping, olympian, mighty, wondrous, heroic, amazing, stupendous, miraculous, walloping, noteworthy, unbelievable, titanic, fabulous, astounding, Massy, significant, mountainous, astonishing, mastodonic, exceptional, fantastic, surpassing, jumbo, Pythonic, incredible, phenomenal, monumental.

Usage examples for prodigious

  1. Her tone was that her child had never wanted, in her hands, for prodigious company. – What Maisie Knew by Henry James
  2. His agility, displayed in springs, curvets and climbing, was something prodigious – The Boys of Bellwood School by Frank V. Webster
  3. The other answered it was indeed prodigious and almost sufficient to justify any person who did not know him better in suspecting his fair play. – The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great by Henry Fielding