Synonyms for Barbarian:


all (adjective)
savage, uncivilised, wild, barbaric, uncivilized.
crude, savage (adjective)
uncultivated, philistine, uncultured, barbaric, uncivilized, rough, primitive, uncivil, coarse, vulgar, boorish, wild.
untamed (adjective)


plebeian, consul, anglo-saxon, celt, roman, saxon, the ancients, gladiator. sadist, Genghis Khan, uncivil, animal, psycho, ogre, monster, primitive, despot, uncultivated, culture, uncultured. yahoo, good, chuff, vulgarian. barbarian (noun)
tike, boor, uncivilized, churl, peasant, noncivilised, wild, noncivilized, uncivilised, goth, tyke, savage, barbaric.
crude, savage person (noun)
monster, boor.
person (noun)
uncivilized (noun)
crude, primitive, uncultivated, coarse, rough.

Other synonyms:

chuff, the ancients, plebeian, arty, saxon, insular, artsy, artsy-fartsy, gladiator, uncultured. philistine, consul, yahoo, boorish, churlish, highbrow, ill-bred, crass, celt, vulgarian, uncultivated. roman, cosmopolitan, anglo-saxon, artistic, uncivil, unrefined, vulgar, indelicate. coarse, gross, crude. unpolished, tasteless. rough. uncivilized
uncivilized, primitive.

Usage examples for barbarian

  1. The colonies of Liberia have been made more respectable in the eyes of the barbarian nations that surround them. – Journal of an African Cruiser by Horatio Bridge
  2. And The Barbarian didn't seem to care very much. – The Barbarians by John Sentry
  3. Oh, I can be a barbarian too, for I am, by adoption, an Oneida of the Wolf Clan, and entitled to a seat in Council. – The Reckoning by Robert W. Chambers