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barbarian - 129 results
Examples of usage:

The colonies of Liberia have been made more respectable in the eyes of the barbarian nations that surround them. - "Journal of an African Cruiser", Horatio Bridge.

And The Barbarian didn't seem to care very much. - "The Barbarians", John Sentry.

Oh, I can be a barbarian, too, for I am, by adoption, an Oneida of the Wolf Clan, and entitled to a seat in Council. - "The Reckoning", Robert W. Chambers.

Similar words:

Sisymbrium Barbarea, Genus Barbarea, Todea Barbara, Eira Barbara, Decumaria Barbara, Dame Barbara Hepworth, St. Barbara's Herb, Decumaria Barbata, Frederick Barbarossa, for a bargain price.

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